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Day 17 Can't Keep My Hands/Eyes Off Of You... Going with one of each
-Can't Keep My Eyes Off Of You- Since I'm actually watching #ThirteenGhosts right now I wanna go with the spiffy glasses that allow you to see the ghosts... Any excuse to look at #MatthewLillard really tho 😝😍
-Can't Keep My Hands Off Of You- Originally, before choosing to watch #Thir13enGhosts ...I was going go with zombies tearing people apart, so here's a classic from the original #DawnOfTheDead
#horror #horrorfan
Dead Rising was the main reason why I got an Xbox 360 in the Summer of 2006. I’ve been a huge fan of Dawn of the Dead since the late 90’s and was always fascinated by its social commentary and the amount of blood for its time. I think the first entry is still my favorite with Dead Rising 2 a close second. I always make it a yearly tradition to watch Night, Dawn, and Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead always puts me in the mood to play this.
Behold - an ancient relic from times past!

I found this Blockbuster receipt in some of my stuff from my childhood home while helping my Dad move. Nov 25 2007 - Fido, 28 Weeks Later, Idiocracy, Dawn of the Dead & 28 Weeks Later. A time when I was obsessed with zombie flicks (you could even argue Idiocracy fits that description) 😂 I miss the good ol' days of browsing through a rack of movies and pickin' something to rent. Nowadays I don't even know what's in the theater!
Gravitynaut's Great Spooptober Marathon #13

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Of the three films in Romero's classic trilogy, Dawn of the Dead is probably the one about which I have the least to say. Which is not to imply its somehow bad or even inferior, far from it. In fact, it's the most fun of the three. The shopping mall setting leads to many great scenarios, and the gore is abundant but colorful, creating a strange mix of reality and absurdity that makes for some extremely entertaining moments and creative kills. Romero hasn't quite solved the problem with female protagonists yet, but it's still a big step up for the whimpering, vacant characters of the original. If there is a flaw here it's that Dawn might just go on for a tiny bit too long-- inexplicably 27 minutes longer than the other two films in the trilogy. But what it amounts to is still a darn good time all things considered.
31 days of Horror day 16 #dawnofthedead. Instead of posting a shot, here’s from when my big brother @horsehead_bookends and I took an insane last minute journey to PA and visited Dawn of The Dead monroeville mall (my absolute fave horror flick), Centralia (silent hill is a huge part of me) and urban exploring some awesome places like the Dogma Church and Lincoln Way. An amazing trip that helped me rebuild and get to love myself even more. But I’m off topic. This movie is insanely good and I could watch it over and over again.
For the 16th, Dawn of the Dead (1978) is the horror movie of the day! I know I haven’t been posting on time lately but I’m back! #1978 #1970s #70s #halloween #october #horror #horrorfilm #horrormovies #scary #scarymovie #scaryfilm #dawnofthedead #zombies #georgearomero

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