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And last one for the day - I'm back on track and up to date 🎉 #inktober2017 F I L T H Y
I talk about climbing mountains because the imagery works for describing a mindset. But I also like climbing mountains. ⛰🏔⛰
Today I went for a hike with a coach buddy. Because coaches like to hang out and take pictures and make stupid jokes. Or at least my team does. Wanna be part of that family? Online hangouts? Stupid jokes? Working toward the life you want? Let me know. We’re gonna run with it. If you wanna run, this is the team. 🤜🏻🤛🏻
Wyoming doesn’t suck. It blows actually. High winds. Never mind.
Last night was pretty.
How do you handle multiple projects?
Do you dedicate a specific day of the week to each project? Or do a little on every project each day?
I feel most productive when I accomplish a bunch of little things on each project every day. I don't have the overwhelming stress of feeling "behind" on a certain one!
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And a few more because last night I was on a roll 🙈 I used a different sketch book for these and the paper is really crappy 😩 So here they are: firstly F I E R C E - swipe for M Y S T E R I O U S and F A T! #inktober2017 #inktober #creativeliving #creativelettering #creativetype #doodleaday #illustration
My daughter turned four yesterday. She looks like me and has the heart of her daddy. She wants to be a mom and take care of babies and wear make up like me but she’s sure of herself and doesn’t suffer fools like Joe. After I gave birth to her I realized how damaging it could be if I held on to all my fears and didn’t learn to speak up for myself. What if I couldn’t protect my children because I was just scared? What if I was too anxious to show them how to be brave? I was more scared of that then all the other stuff. I put my big girl panties on and got to work handling my issues and becoming better. I’m still growing and practicing this new bravery and adventurous spirit but I’m happy to say that that part of me always existed, you can just see it now. I love this sweet girl. She says her thoughts aloud and they are often quite impressive. So much so that I have a separate account just for her quotes. Check out the world of Fiona @fiona_affirms !
Hump day. We are ready to smash you. 💗
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What a lovely fall day! Come bask in our sunshiny cafe with a hot coffee and a fresh notebook. ☕ 🖋️ ♥️
📷: @vitalitychild
The journey to “climb your mountain” seems to have a set pattern. In the beginning you make progress fairly quickly. Then it seems like you are moving slower than molasses even though you are working at the same pace as before. That can be very discouraging and you are going to want to stop. You keep going knowing that you can’t get to the top if you are sitting still. You keep your head down. You work. Then suddenly you look up and you are at the top.
I’ve accomplished a lot of my fitness goals. Over 40 pounds of baby weight are off of me forever. 🤜🏻🤛🏻 Now I’m at the beginning with my business. Yet another mountain to climb. I know what I have to do. I know that it’ll feel futile and that’s when I need to dig deep and keep going. Then someday I’ll look up and I’ll be at the top. Come with me or don’t. (I.E. you can do this business too. It’s available to you. You just sign up.) But if you’ve ever wondered if you could do this coaching thing, you gotta try. You have to give yourself a chance. You can’t get anywhere by sitting still. Step one is easy.....Talk to me about it.

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