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User Image sekretnicole Posted: Jan 20, 2018 12:03 AM (UTC)

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User Image sekretnicole Posted: Jan 19, 2018 11:51 PM (UTC)

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User Image noseybootzklub2017 Posted: Jan 17, 2018 3:36 PM (UTC)

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Remember #angeliquebates from #allthat well she is in a relationship with #kevontayjackson the guy that appeared on #everybodyhateschris welp they are on #couplescourt #NBK 👃👢
User Image elroybirchum82 Posted: Jan 16, 2018 12:28 PM (UTC)

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😕 Couples Court 😕

Did i really just see r&b singer Lil Mo on couples court with hubby Karl!?!? Lil Mo is still hiphop/ r&b royalty and so of course the streets are watching. Karl who has a growing boxing career kept appearing in cheating allegation stories on websites like bossip and so forth. Some of the scandal was displayed on Love & Hiphop Atl when Mo confronted her husband. She is in love though and wants to save her marriage. Karl you need straighten up and fly right before you catch a 2-piece from your wife.

#yourfriendlyneighborhoodbloggerman #hiphopnews #couplescourt #doitfortheculture #workitout #gotstobemocareful #socialmedia #wiltedwinter
User Image james_dean_c Posted: Jan 15, 2018 4:19 AM (UTC)

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New episodes start this week. 11am M-F on 38TheSpot. Let's finish season 1 the right way #couplescourt #withmyParents
User Image peach_girl_crowderbaby81615 Posted: Jan 14, 2018 10:43 AM (UTC)

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#couplescourt how this dude admits on live television he was a thot oh boiiii 😂😂😂 #lilmo #karldargan
User Image couplescourttv Posted: Jan 3, 2018 8:55 PM (UTC)

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@mimifaust is keepin' it real in court 💯 Don't miss today's special celebrity expert witness episode! #IssaCourtDate #CouplesCourt
User Image amor_nietas Posted: Dec 20, 2017 3:19 AM (UTC)

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User Image latoyachimaine Posted: Dec 4, 2017 5:25 PM (UTC)

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Some people truly believe that ignorance is bliss. I’ve heard women say, they don’t care if their men cheat as long as they don’t find out. Another thing I also hear, both men and women, say is “don’t ask any questions unless you’re ready to hear the truth” and “be careful what you go looking for because you just might find it.” It’s this form of thinking that lead to health dangers in relationships, broken marriages, unplanned pregnancies and a host of other complications. Here’s the truth, you can only heal what you reveal. Not talking about something doesn’t change that fact that it happened and definitely will not make it go away. 🔹🔹 #LetsTalk When it comes to relationships/marriage do you subscribe to “Don’t ask don’t tell?” 🔹🔹 #LilMo #KarlDargen #CouplesCourt #Infidelity #LieDetectorTest #Cheating #LLHHNY

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