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C H E E R S!
Fun fact: my cousin and Uncle own an amazing brewery! 🍻
User Image portablemodmaniac Posted: Jan 20, 2018 12:48 PM (UTC)

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The finished #ikeatonearm is here. The versions depend on type of #portableturntable / #turntable you have. The #ikea push button I got the metal #counterweight from has a spring in so looking at how the #pt01scratch #tonearm or #mods work, I realised that instead of balancing it at the back a spring in front (attached to an #ecig / #vape collar strap ring) will pull it down and also allow for more #portablescratching angles as it holds it to the #vinyl 🤞Variation is a bonus I guess? The parts used can be remixed to your liking. The metal drinking straw (£1.99 for 2 from Amazon) finally got drilled through without problems. This then allowed for a few bolts and a screw to attach to a cut off Besta cabinet thing (or any other ring shape that you have). I used plastic here as to get the thread and angle straight I used a soldering iron to cut holes. Anyway the base is attached to one of two #bearings that came with the cheap #usbturntable but it is held on a standard m6 or m8 bolt and nut on top which allows for height adjustment. The two versions of #counterweight in pic two depend on the spring system. The straw is capped with a stopper from the IKEA curtain rod set with a heavy capped screw that screws in and out allowing weight adjustment to the back. The #headshell was the cheapest on Amazon and had no extras that kept the cost to £4. The actual connection for a real tonearm was removed and an ecig #driptip allowed for the wiring to go through the straw and then connect with the headshell tightly. The exact measurements of the arm is dependent on the deck and I'm using a weird #10inch still unfinished custom #diyturntable 🙄 Anyway I think I have managed to start with a #diytonearm which then became the #junktonearm and now the #ikeahack tonearm. As always it's #opensource so if anyone can see any use in this junk feel free to elaborate and share your findings. Is there any up to date #portablism wiki with all the free #3dprinting files #pt01mod tutorials & tweaks. Anyone wanna make one? #modtheplanet ⁉️
User Image heinstein_wehmeyer Posted: Jan 19, 2018 8:30 AM (UTC)

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If you ain't morning training, you ain't morning gaining🐃
User Image fort_standard Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:12 PM (UTC)

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Our Counterweight Mobile lights feature dimmable warm LEDs under white glass diffusers. Steam bent ash or walnut armatures cantilever out from cylindrical stone and brass ballasts or “counterweights” creating a dynamic sculptural balance. Hanging from a singular thin cable each lamp can turn freely from a slight breeze entering the room. #fortstandard #counterweight
User Image magicelevators Posted: Jan 19, 2018 1:58 AM (UTC)
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This is an #Oxford #constructionelevator. As you can see the #mechanisms are arranged like a passenger #elevator, with the #cab, #cable, #pulley and #counterweight. The doors are #blue
User Image portablemodmaniac Posted: Jan 18, 2018 6:47 PM (UTC)

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Thought I'd of finished this crap today but it still doesn't have a proper XY #gimbal yet. This version of the #diytonearm uses nearly all #ikea parts so I think the possibility of an #ikeahacktonearm is not far off. Anyway I'm starting to cut down the IKEA curtain rod and watching #diystabilizer tutorials and just need to get a second axis tube in the area attached to the bearing. The back #counterweight is more visible in these pics. The metal back (from a push latch on a cabinet door) has a washer slotted into its groove with a bolt above so that the weight can be screwed in with more of the metal things (no idea what they are called but they're all IKEA!) as needed and sliding makes it adjustable too. It's not great and I have wasted so much time on this, but when it's done I'll post a parts list for anyone wanting to make one. Then it would only take a few mins to make. The base plate, an IKEA washing line thing will hopefully have some #rcajacks attached allowing the wiring from the #headshell through the straw and directly out the RCA. I am going to use the #akaiamx for #DVS but an external #preamp could be used. If anyone is as mental about IKEA and has any ideas on how to escape from this nightmare I'm stuck in, let me know! 🤞😬 Oh and don't use a hand saw in the living room 😓 The dust is horrible! I want a studio so bad!
User Image char_jg Posted: Jan 18, 2018 4:48 PM (UTC)

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