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For the first bake of the week I've looked East for some Autumnal yum so here's a Pistachio, lemon and cardamom cake with the extra super powers of being gluten and dairy free 👍🏼🍋🌹 #lemon #pistachio #cardamom #cake #glutenfree
• H A N D M A D E •
My birthday cake, it was sooo delicious! 🍁(also I’m going to Spain so will be less active but post everyday) •

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Here We Go....🎄🎁🎄🎁
These Gorgeous Christmas Cushions come with a choice of Fabulous Backing Fabrics and in a Variety of Sizes.
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I always explain to my clients that TMJ Myofascial Release can be a releasing technique and that tears & laughter are all really normal. Most clients listen & take it on board but it's only when they experience the release, the freedom, the sense of clarity and the true power of TMJ Myofascial Release do they truly understand what I mean. I literally have goose bumps when I feel, see and hear the RELEASE of deep rooted pain, anxiety and negative emotions....and I just love reading about the transformation that a simple 90minute TMJ Myofascial Release treatment can make💕. Be free. Let it go with TMJ Myofascial Release🙌🏻. --------------
"I scheduled an appointment with Helen because, having suffered from a "clicky jaw" for years, I could feel it getting worse and worried I'd soon not be able to open my mouth at all if I didn't do anything about it! I am so glad I did! The first session was such a radical releasing experience, I felt so energised throughout my whole body and mentally I developed some real clarity about issues within my life. It was a real turning point for me in many ways and further sessions have continued to be the same. I cannot stress highly enough how glad I am I made that appointment and I would encourage anyone to give themselves the opportunity to see how a session could impact their life.
Helen herself is kind, empathetic and clearly very experienced and knowledgeable in her field and I feel very safe in her hands." ------ #myofascialrelease #tmj #release #pain #tension #letitgo #clarity #befree #lovemyjob #cornwall #massage #relax #testimonial
First day back to work after 10 days off! Tuesday please be gentle 🌼

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