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Here are some positives and negatives from the #ChicagoBears win on Sunday.
Positive: Run defense
The Ravens struggled all day to get anything going offensively. When the DB's weren't breaking up passes, the front seven was clobbering every attempt Baltimore made to establish its running game. Having ILB #DannyTrevathan back was a big factor in this.
Negative: Pass catchers
Unfortunately for Mitch Trubisky, his college pass catches may be better than his group of playmakers in the NFL. Tanner Gentry and Tre McBride are two players who shouldn't have to be getting significant playing time to begin with, but when both play almost the entire game and fail to almost ever get open, that's a major issue.
Positive: Takeaways
It's about time that this takeaway starved team came away with two beautiful INT's and a FF. Both INT's came off of deflections, and both having lengthy returns. Bryce Callahan's 52 yard return to the #Bears 20 yard line in the 2nd quarter set up a touchdown. Adrian Amos 90 yard INT was returned all the way for a touchdown. Both of these plays are the biggest reason why the Bears won on Sunday. Negative: Special Teams
Had they lost, the Bears special teams would've been held accountable for it. Giving up a kick return and punt return touchdown in THE SAME GAME is absolutely unacceptable. Those mistakes cannot happen and must be solved going forward.
What stood out to you in Sunday's win?


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Wait tell me if you heard this one before...... So I dont hear packer fans talking sh!t any more!!!
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drnriv 39m ago
I know I'm gonna get heat for this living in LA and all, but whoever knows me knows I love drawing Bears, so here's the Chicago Cub mascot! #chicagobears #mlb #baseball #pennant @mlb @mlbnetwork @mlbonfox @chicago @chicagocubsnation @chicagocubsfanatic
It’s gonna be a rough road ahead for this little boy! Got his bears outfit on and his favorite night night book. #chicagobears #raiseemright #lovesfootball #momlife

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