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Ein Geheimnis von mir: Ich bin ein echter Serien Junkie. Seit Jahren treuer TVD Fan und aktuell bin ich voll auf The Walking Dead, wie ich finde richtig guter Serienstoff! Und was bitte wäre ein Serien Marathon ohne leckere Snacks? Meine Rezept Idee zum knabbern wären leckere Himbeer Käsekuchen Ecken mit Schokolade am Keks Stiel. Denn Kuchen geht immer. Und diese kleinen Mikado Keksstäbchen sind sowieso gut. Für das gute Gewissen gibt auch Obst, lach!

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Omg 😍😍 how gorgeous do these Raw Raspberry #Cheesecake Bites from #MindBodyBowl look!! 😋😋
So yummy! 😜
Base .
8 @nakdwholefoods Cashew Cookie bars .
Raspberry layer .
- 400g cashews, soaked over night ideally, or at least 4 hours minimum - 50ml of melted #coconutoil

50g freeze dried raspberries

2 tsps of maple syrup

juice of 1 lemon 🍋
1/2-1 tsp vanilla bean powder
- Start by making the base – simply roll the #Nakd #Cashew #Cookie bars together with a rolling pin.
- Line a small baking tray with baking paper. Then spread the base to cover the tray and flatten with a spatula. Give the spatula and food processor a rinse when you are done. Place the tray in the freezer ❄️for about an hour.
- Once the base has set, drain the #cashews for the raspberry layer and whizz them in a food processor. As they begin to smooth, you can add the other ingredients and whizz until everything is well mixed together.
- Remove the base from the freezer and smooth the #raspberry layer on top, again smoothing with a spatula. Then return the tray to the freezer for about 1-2 hours until set. When ready to serve, use a large, sharp knife to cut into small squares and sprinkle with lemon zest 🍋, desiccated coconut or anything else to decorate! You might want to leave it to defrost for 10 minutes or so before biting into it but its worth the wait.
They look delicious. Just if you are on a #weightloss diet maybe keep to one as a #treat to not hamper your progress 😘💕
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Shop will be back open tomorrow at 10am with the following goodies -

Jammie dodger
Reeses chocolate peanut butter
Chocolate loaded
Kinder Bueno
Sweetie loaded
Raspberry and Coconut (vegan/dairy free/gluten free)
Maltesers cake jars

Galaxy caramel cheesecake bites (and there’ll be a double batch as these flew out this morning)

Ferrero Rocher/Nutella Brownies
Triple chocolate brownies
White chocolate fudge
White chocolate and Maltesers rocky road x #tillystreatscakery #cupcakes #cheesecakebites #cakejars #brownies #fudge #rockyroad #homemade #homebaking #bakedwithlove #tillystreats
Bitiyorrrr kırmızılı🙈😍❤️🍇🍓🍒 Newyork Cheesecake 😋
Tabanı için
1 paket eti burçak
2 çorba kaşığı toz badem
2 çorba kaşığı tereyağı
Mutfak robotunda önce burçaklar un haline getirilir sonra toz badem ve tereyağı(erimemiş) karıştırılır
18 cm kelepçeli kalıba yağlı kağıt üzerine kaşığın arkası ile bastırarak yerleştirilir 160 derecede ısıtılmış fırında 10 dk pişirilir sonra soğumaya alınır

Newyork Cheesecake
400 gr pınar beyaz
1 su bardağından iki parmak eksik toz şeker
200 gr Rulo kaymak
1/2 paket krema
2 yumurta
2 tatlı kaşığı mısır nişastası
1 limon kabuğu
1/2 limon suyu

Karıştırma kabına krem peyniri alıyoruz tel çırpıcı ile karıştırıyoruz sırasıyla malzemeleri ekleyerek karıştırıyoruz şekeri karıştırıyoruz ardından 2 yumurta krema ve kaymak sonra nişasta en son limon kabuğu rendesi ve limon suyu
Tabanın üzerine karışım dökülür 160 derecede 40-45 dk pişirilir
Not: yapmayana küserim ben yaptım diye demiyorum ama şahane olmuuuuşşş😋😍🤓❤️❤️❤️ #cheesecakes #cheesecakebites #cheesecakefactory #foodporn #food #foodphotography #desert #like4like #instalike #instadaily #lezzetrium #paylasim_platformu #cheesecaketarifi #hashtags #HashTags #hashtagsfordays #cheesecakedaily #newyorkcheesecake #tarifsunum #tarif #tarifdefteri
Gluten Free Pressure Cooker Pumpkin Muffin Cheesecake Bites with Chef Sam
Click link in bio for full video.
#samskitchenaffair #plateartforkids #cheesecakebites
(Keep swiping for more pics) Cupcakes ready for tomorrow - Bounty, Terry’s Orange, Maltesers, Lemon Sherbet, Cherry Bakewell,Red Velvet and Cream Cheese, Victoria Sponge and Bubblegum (vegan and gluten free)
I’ll also have some peanut butter cup brownies, Ferrero and Nutella brownies, white and milk choc chip cookie bars, rocky road and Galaxy Caramel cake jars as well as Terry’s orange cheesecake bites 🍰🍰🍰🍰 #cupcakes #cakejars #brownies #rockyroad #cookiebars #cheesecakebites #homemade #homebaking #bakedwithlove #tillystreats #tillystreatscakery
Good Morning, Thursday!☀️
Red Velvet Strawberry Cheesecake Stack💪🏼
Recipe Below (190kcal per slice!)🤔👇🏼
This was the one... You've got to try this recipe! This was probably the best post workout meal I've had so far!👌🏼The cheesecake texture worked out so well this time... That half baked cheesecake recipe is the one! See it down below👇🏼This was the feed after hitting a solid push day yesterday - worked up to 60kg for my top set on OHP and managed a set of 7! I looked back at some old training footage (record your sets, people) and 97 days previous to yesterday, I hit a top set with 60kg and only got 2 absolute grinders! Loving the noobie gains on OHP I'm seeing! Anyway, stack details then recipe time!👌🏼
This was 3 slices of my protein cheesecake stacked up (surprise surprise😂) with the rest of my red velvet @gookiedough and some strawberries, topped it off with more of the same AND a strawberry cheesecake @oreo cookie (that theme!) and I had to throw on a bunch of @nutella (35g)🤤
(entire stack)
📊 1052kcal | 146C | 41F | 32P
Protein Cheesecake Recipe / Method💪🏼
◾️For the base👇🏼
Crush up 5 light digestive biscuits and 2 chocolate digestives in a bowl and mix with 20g honey and some @waldenfarmsinternational chocolate syrup. Press that into the bottom of a greased tin and freeze for 10 minutes. ◾️For the filling👇🏼
In a bowl, mix 60g light @lovemyphilly, 1 medium egg, 30ml liquid egg whites, 100g @tescofood fat free quark, 300g @fage 0% fat greek yoghurt and 40g of @phdnutritionuk vanilla isolate whey (I've tried a few wheys now and this one gave me the best texture so far!)👌🏼
◾️Prep / Half Bake👇🏼
Whisk the filling mixture up to get rid of any lumps and leave to rest for 5 minutes (until the base is done freezing), then throw the filling on top of the base and stick it in the ocen at 160C for ~20minutes or until the top just starts to brown ever so slightly. Take it out, leave to cool fully and preferably leave in the fridge overnight to set properly. Cut into 6 slices! Then eat 3 of them in a stack!😂
(per 1/6 cheesecake)
📊 190kcal | 19C | 5F | 16P

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