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Follow the personal ladies and gentlemen’s . Hoes and pimps . What ever y’all prefer ! @almightysolis
asiouk 10m ago
The light is on the ground
jmac45 1h ago
rusty fence hardware on a beachside fence.
one of the first photos i ever took when i picked up photography. i was (and still am) fascinated by the detail and dof the camera could achieve.
She’s a bundle of joy... until her feet hit the sand. Not sure how we’re going to work this one out being so close to the prettiest beaches🤔 #beachbaby #psych
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📷 Picture by: @anekdotique ≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔
📍Location: #hollywood #usa
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