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Dinner with the Blue Hairs during the 4pm hour at Del's - finally bought a jar of salsa from New Mexico - no need to "get a rope" #BucketListAchievement #DelsRestaurant #Route66Neon #Tucumcari #TucumcariNewMexico #ConfidentlyAwesome #CannonballRunWithTheConways
When you give blood
you give another birthday,
another anniversary,
another day at the beach,
another night under the stars,
another talk with a friend,
another laugh,
another hug,
another chance..
💜😇☺ #HelpingHand #DonatingBloodSaveLives
Anniversary Reward.. Ya Allah.. tq syggg.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 hanya Allah ja yg dpat blas smuanyaaa.. love love love sgt.. #iphone7Plus
This magnificent stallion lets me touch it & smiled.
🎬⚡🚘⚡🖤 ... Visiting my dad's friend in NJ long ago for a tour of his prized car collection he called a 'museum'. Seriously a huge indoor parking lot full of vintage cars and ones from iconic films ( back to the future, grease, gone with the wind etc ) and ones that were of Old Hollywood stars Here I am sliding into a restored convertible that once belonged to #JayneMansfield - SO THAT MEANS MY BUM HAS SAT IN THE SAME SEAT AS JAYNE MANSFIELD'S TUSH ! #BucketlistAchievement 🏆
Sunday dreamin of our crazy 17 hour layover adventure in Mexico City. My feet swelled up like 🎈because of the altitude, but I managed to waddle into Palacio Nacional at the last minute to snap a pic in front of Diego Rivera's mural. #bucketlistachievement
Standing in line to see the show tonight, and there's a light on,
heavy glow 🌟
High five, 14 year-old me, we did it 🙏🏻 #rhcp #lollaparis #lollapalooza #festival #concert #bytheway #bucketlistachievement
Woah this was fun! I've never climbed a huge waterfall before! ✔️ that one off my bucket list🌊 #bucketlistachievement #dunnsriver #jamaciamon #vacationmode2017
What an incredible night! Metallica puts on an EPIC show! It was surreal to hear my all time favorite songs played live with the infectious, awe inspiring energy of thousands of other dedicated fans! It's no small wonder why Metallica is still relevant and influential after 36 years as a band! Swipe for more pics! #Metallica #bucketlistachievement #concertofalifetime #concert @metallica

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