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I love this quote. A great thought to keep in mind. Food for thought.
Happy Sunday! 💕✌️
I miss you , and I miss the girl I was that day.
Sweet Greg and I had a beautiful near 2 years together and have sadly reached a place where we cannot continue as we have, knowing what we know and feeling what we feel.  Tomorrow is my birthday and while many would want to just get through that, the last thing I want is a strained or achy birthday dinner.  I have had my fill of those. In the process of moving homes, changing jobs, and entering into the holiday season, it seems unfair timing to cut myself loose from someone so special, I understand that friendship ONLY is not appealing to him. •I am sad
•I am angry
•I am grieving—just add this to the pile of things to grieve
•I don’t like it
•I will not pretend
•I will not deny
•I will not ignore
The courage to share my truth and to step all the way into it, one more time, dividing me from someone, whom I do not want to be without, is something I feel good about.
My recovery and relationship to God and myself matter more to me than any relationship or relationship status to others.  I am divorced.  I am single.  I am choosing authenticity over fear. I am BRAVING ( #brenebrown ) #odaat
"He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.
He counts the stars and calls them all by name."
- Psalm 147: 3,4
This broke my heart! Young girl trying to help her mom. Gave her a few bucks and I’ll be sending some on her go fund me campaign. #fallschurch #adaughterslove #humanshelpinghumans #dc #va #dcfoodie #brokenhearted #gofundme

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