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And just like that, she's ✨11 months old ✨ This little girl brings soo much joy & laughter to my days every day! She shows me love with the 100 kisses she gives me every day! This month she has learned two new phrases "oh-oh" & "bye-bye". Everywhere we go, she waves at everyone "hello & bye". She loves watching kids play, if she could run, she would be right behind them. She now wants to independently eat, so she grabs the spoon herself and tries to feed herself if she thinks I'm not quick enough. She also tries to brush her own hair with her brush & even puts her bows right on top of her head (even though they slide right back down her face) & let's not forget how she grabs my cell phone and puts it behind her neck and says "hawwoo" lol. But most importantly she has been the most calm & patient little girl through the big move we made this month. She has helped organize her new room by taking out all the diapers from the bags & throwing them all over the floor & helping us keep the floors clean by crawling all over looking for trash to eat 🤦🏼‍♀️ but hey she's helping right? Lol Love this little girl soo much!! Just ONE more month until she turns 1!! 🎂🎈🎉 #BriannaClaire
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How can such a tiny little munchkin have soo much personality?! That spark of hers lights up every day of mine! Waking up each morning to see this smile makes my day! 💗 #phonepics #briannaclaire

My little brunette beauty turns 7 months today! Cutest little partner in life I could have ever asked for 🍋 #BriannaClaire #photoshootsAtHome #mommyphotographer #blushingpeachcosearch #honeyandgray #honeyandgraybrandrep @honeyandgrayshop #honeyandgrayshop
She thinks I'm taking a picture and just poses for me lol I'm telling you guys, model in the making ✨ #5months #babymodel #BriannaClaire #mybabygirl 💕
And just like that my little princess is 5 months old! 🎈 (she got her first cold this month, mommy went back to work, continues to be teething but no tooth yet, is now fitting 6 mo. clothing, sucks her toes, finally enjoys baths 🙌🏻 & splashes water 💦while in her tub, chewing toys bring her tons of joy, & finally she reaches up to her hanging toys and grabs them tight). #milestones #5months #BriannaClaire
Look at this beautiful girl right here!!! Love my little Brianna to pieces. She's growing up too fast!
#shesnotababyanymore #makeitstop #briannaclaire #myheart #mini
This is her "can I get the arm treatment please?" smile. Of course she knows this never fails. We are suckers for this smile 😏💕 #3months #BriannaClaire #alwayssmiling #splcutest
b3l3n15 10M ago
Our sparkly Christmas tree 🎄✨time for some warm nights 🌛💫at home enjoying some hot cocoa and movies ☕️🍪📽 #RoseGold #diamonds&pearls #SparkleEverything#Christmas2016 #holidaynights #BriannaClaire #Briannas1stChristmas
b3l3n15 10M ago
No one ever warned me about my mom during Christmas season 😳🌲✨ #BriannaClaire #Christmas2016
b3l3n15 10M ago
Happy 2 months my little baby girl 💋
#BriannaClaire 🌸 correction: 23 1/2 inches long, 11 lbs. 4oz #mysweetselfie