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Morning 😬 woke up early this morning with a CRACK sound in my mouth, I grind and clamp my teeth together on a night and I think I may have broken my bite blockers as my brackets are still in place. Whoops! It's a good job I work in a dentist to have this fixed because I bet Il end up being annoying keep going back everywhere because Iv done something wrong 😂. Have a lovely day guys! 😬❤️ #dentistry #dentist #dentalnurse dentalstudent #dental #ortho #orthodontics #braces #girlswithbraces #smile #braces #teeth #whitesmile #braceface #waterpik #waterflosser #adultbraces #invisalignresults
I remember being SUPER shy to smile like this when I first got my braces on and now look at me lol just a few more days to go with these bad boyssss😬#braceface
I have been waiting such a long long time to be able to laugh and smile without covering my face and feeling embarrassed.. I have had terrible teeth all my life but two years ago I finally decided enough was enough and I got braces. Finally these baby's are working and I'm seeing progress. Some people take the smallest things in life for granted. #sohappytosmile #straightteeth #braceface #traintracks #SMILE #happy 😀😀
A series of unfortunate events: Lily gets braces and glasses in the same freaking week. #foureyes #braceface (this is my third set of braces and it’s even more painful then i remember.) 🆒
Gazebo chillin on my lunch break today. This time last year I worked through my lunch break and the stress mounted and before I knew it I was overeating. Now I make a point of stepping away from my desk and getting fresh air and walking if possible! ✌🏻
What are your weekend plans?? I have a facial, debating between the range with my bow or a hike and it’s my mom’s birthday on Sunday! 🎂🌾🍂

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