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🎶And it's too late. (Too late)
Too late to fix this mistake.
And when it all comes down to it,
I just don't give a shit.
I've had it up to here with you.
I'm really tired of spending everyday,
Fighting for things that don't matter.
And I deserve better and I can't let you stay.🎶 #ilearnedmylesson #boysoffall #smile #messyhair
Saw some pretty great football this week. Tonight's game however, took the cake. #raisingcain #undefeated #boysoffall
Still glowing from the Hillers beating Holliston last night and tonite Stonehill over Bentley in an OT win! Amazing rival football weekend. #boysoffall
Had a GREAT afternoon with my family cheering on my nephews in their flag football game at MLS, and of course Chinese for lunch with my parents. ♥️♥️
Even in the pouring rain and cold watching this boy play ball🏈 Some QB, little D and at the end of the day the coach says “Kennedy is so calm. A good leader out there” 💛💙 #footballseason #boysoffall #oneproudmom
Beautiful day. Healthy kids. Loads of football and everyone I love woke up today. I'd say a pretty great day.

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