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Have y'all young gunnas seen this challenge featuring Markiplier? It will tickle you #bouncehouseobstaclecourse
HaPpY BiRtHdAy BRiCk!!!🎉 my baby turned {7} today... He's HaPpY, energetic, smart, FuN, witty, friends with EVERYONE, grateful, loves to build Legos and LoVES mine craft!!! We started the day with balloons taped to his door, cookies for school class and had a PaRtY at the PaRk with SO many friends!!! (((Thank YOU everyone who came and helped celebrate Bricks day!!))) Brick started out wanting to go to Xtreme Air, until I limited his friend list to 10. So, he opted for a party at home with an unlimited invite list!!! First he asked for 29 invitations so he could invite his whole class, then changed his mind to 50 invites so he could include his other friends who aren't in his class!!! After talking about cousins Brick informed me that he's just going to need 100 invitations to include everyone if his favorite people! HA!!! What a party animal!! But seriously, this kid should run for Pres... He's the most popular 1st grader I've ever met! He's in a first name basis with half the elementary school!! I love him. HaPpY BiRtHday BuDDy!!!!! #mybabyisSEVEN #bouncehouseobstaclecourse #TNTballoongames #chocolatecake #brickthebrickhouse #heathenzstyle