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Norisi kažko skanaus rudens garderobe? Prašom! Pokyčiai garantuoti!
Džiaugiuosi, kad segės išgyvena atgimimą. Bet kur segamos - į rankinę, kepurę, šaliką, paltą, batus, diržą, megztuką, žiemą ar vasarą - jos visada ras ką veikti!❤❤❤
dlwilt 4d ago
Excited to dive into this book! Learning how we as a church can be clarify our message of who we are and what we do! Thankful for @donmilleris and his team’s dedicated work to helping us craft our story!
"I once listened to an Indian on television say that God was in the wind and the water, and I wondered at how beautiful that was because it meant you could swim in Him or have Him brush your face in a breeze." - Blue Like Jazz
Woke up to this gorgeous October sky today. "As clear and blue as jazz music." #bluelikejazz
Loaned books are the best books. Find others who inspire you, keep them close, return the inspiration tenfold. #bluelikejazz
"If we are not willing to wake up in the morning and die to ourselves, perhaps we should ask ourselves whether or not we are really following Jesus." -Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality
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Old coil, new light. This house has been plagued with mildew build up due to airflow issues. We repaired those, scrubbed the coils, and installed this blue tube UV light for some added protection. #bluelikejazz #mechanical #nashvileblues #bluestraveler #hvac #nashvillehvac
‪Ever see that scene of #BlueLikeJazz where @donaldmiller is walking through then quad at Reed College on the first day of school and is being presented with these new ideas, people, perspectives etc. That’s how I feel right know. ‬