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eyaf3 32w ago
Throw back to last weekend 😫I would like to ⏮and🔁 #lescrosets #bitchesonice ⛷❤🍾
Happy happy birthday to my amazing big sister! Words cannot express how much you mean to me, Curry, and how glad I am that we (FINALLY) live in the same place. Thanks for always making me laugh and teaching me what it means to be a good person. But most of all, thanks for moving to Denver so I finally have another permanent Boston sports fan 😜😂 love you!!!! #sisters #bitchesonice #oneforthethumb #prayatthealtah
In regards to love: agape... Or something like that 😂
It was a fun evening with my friends, we tried to be awesome like the boys in Yuri on ice but I had to realise, I'm waaaaaay too far from being an awesome skater XDDDD
#yurionice #agape #skate #friends #fun #bitchesonice
Get ready for so many Iceland posts, even though I'm back on US soil. Pictures don't do it justice but I'm going to try #bitchesonice #nofilter
Tävling avslutad💥🎉
Vinnarna är: @famsamuelsson @hockey_felicia66 @majja.svensson @agnestornlund @jr_hedlund2
Grattis till en varsin snygg Frontier flaska, skicka era adresser på DM till oss👍🏻 #frontierhockeysweden #hockey #frontierstyle #ängelholm #swag #bitchesonice #malmö

Då var #bitchesonice campen slut för i år! Det har varigt jätteroligt och hoppas att vi alla ses snart igen! Tack till alla föräldrar, till alla ledare, till @winberg51 & tack till @frontierhockeysweden ! Ha en bra sommar! 🏒