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#BetaGangOrDie4 POSTS

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The greatest fish to ever grace this earth, Wiz Khafisha has passed away😢 a candle light vigil will be held in his honor at joe pool lake. Lol jk but for real though, this is one of those saddest days of my life. This fish has been there for me through everything, he use to ride around in my car and listen to music with me, what other fish does that, what other fish is named Wiz Khafisha, I will miss you man😭 #BetaGangOrDie #GuessHeWasntBetaGang
No matter what happens, Wiz Khafisha will always be there for me #BetaGangOrDie #Bros4Life #RideOrDie hahahaha
Beta house! This is really happening. This is my life. This is my life. #betagangordie