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User Image kikosplace Posted: Mar 22, 2018 9:55 PM (UTC)

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Let yourself be yourself ... Let others be different ... #beyourself #unique #letothersbethemselves
Hey friends!
Few things... Please Read until the end.
I hope everyone has been doing beautifully ✨🌸💜 I apologize for being a Little MIA lately.
A lot of random Challenges have been thrown my way lately &
I chose to take a step back and focus on my Life, Goals, Growth, and family. ✨
There is a shift in my life happening and I needed to take a step back virtually, to work on my Reality. .
One of those things that caused a hiccup was: ⚡️🚨⚡️🚨⚡️🚨⚡️🚨 I had my Purse/ Wallet/Business Phone STOLEN from my Uber the other day! .
I have been working on everything I can to recover the items.... NO Luck! 👎🏻 .
If you have tried to contact me recently, I HAVE NOT BEEN IGNORING YOU!!!
If you need to get in contact with me, just go ahead and shoot me A DM until I get my phone set back up. ( Hopefully tomorrow) .
Life throws you lessons.
I have NO idea why all of this needed to happen, but I am trying to stay hopeful,
or thinking that someone needed it more than I did. 👏🏻✨

Life's to short.....I've panicked enough already on Not getting back to everyone,
but that is out of my control at the moment... if you need to Contact me.... Please DM me!!!! .
I hope nothing but the best for everyone!
Back in the salon tomorrow!! I'll post more on my Stories, don't worry. 💪🏻😊✨💗 .




#smile #pma #shorthair #radiatelove #radiatelight #radiatepositivity #hairstylist #hairstylisthealth #pinupgirl #headscarf #vintage #vintageclothing #radiateconfidence #beyourself #loveyourself #spring
User Image avamilva Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:24 PM (UTC)

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TBT modelling shoot 😜 I’ve always loved art- creating it in every form possible and this was one of the ways I chose to express the feminine energy within me. I want to encourage women to love who they are and be bold and fearless expression of themselves in all ways that they feel they want to blossom. And please allow the space for others to do the same. It is by being who you are fully that you will reach the greatest fulfilment and happiness 💖✨🙏
User Image __holy_wood__ Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:26 PM (UTC)

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You will not stop me, or break me.
Not even in your wildest dreams...
~horsepig .
#attila #attilaga #bands #fronz #chrisfronzack #beyourself #dontstopdreaming
Objects Insolites @gv_cabinet_of_curiosities . Não percam o Pop-up de primavera já este sábado no {that Spring thing } com detalhes únicos para levar para casa . #findyourstyle #beyourself #dontfollowthecrowd
User Image martiniano_igor Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:14 PM (UTC)

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“Tap your troubles away...”🎶
Do you need a few sessions to freshen up your tap skills? Get in touch to make a booking!🖤
[ Link in bio ]☝🏼
Fred Astaire definitely tapped his troubles away. Just a handful of his huge array of dance shoes! Legend ⭐️
User Image Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:25 PM (UTC)

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My roommate!! I came one day & no joke she was asleep like this. Having her as my roommate has been a life lesson. All she wants is love and affection everytime I come home. She does not look for trouble (yes I know she is a dog but understand the relation with life). She is content with having play time, rest, food and water. I started looking at life in comparison with her if I become more focused with what I have and rather then what I dont have how much more happiness and peace would be brought into my life? I use to think having it all in terms of money, 100's of friends, a job that payed well but was so unhappy with it and continuing doing it for the money, $1,000 watch or fancy as shit accessories was a means of life and that was what happiness looked like. The more I continued searching for that life, the more distant I was with my trueself. Note I am not saying having those things are stingy and greety. Everyone is different how they spend their money. I dont think its right for me to judge someone in that sense. People work hard and deserve to do what they want. But I was following that life for the reason of "fitting" in. Thats what I thought I wanted. But as I am growing and developing into my authentic self, the more I am loving life being content with what I have and whatever came along was a blessing from the divine energy. Stay true to who you are. Question if what your doing or saying is based off a someone else's life or do really want it from your heart and soul? Spread your wings. I will leave you with 2 things..... 1 - I much rather would be hated for who I am then to be liked for who the I am not. 2 - Why try to fit in when you are born to stand out?

P.S. caption this picture and leave it in the comment section? 😉🙏 #humbled #blessed #gratitude #life #mindset #goals #livelifetothefullest #dogs #medicine #beyourself #follow #lifeisgood #lifehack #change #health #wellness #visualization

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