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Yessss #HappyBirthday @egypt_raps #BalGal (@get_repost)
🔊🔥🔊🔥Tonight !!! I want everyone to be there !! #BirthdayFun
He said to me, "Don't bore me with your neon pop dystopian reimagined art bullshit and pass me my iPad now!" In all seriousness the @david_lachapelle #exhibition was #genius , a brilliant #artist #ballaratartgallery #BalGal #artgalbal
Skadar aldrig att sätta lite guldkant på tillvaron 💫🙆
fr00ty 3M ago
Well! I pulled the trigger!! I bought my very own @Balenciaga moto jacket!!!
I'm a BalGal. U cud give me Hermes or Chanel but i'd still root for Bals. Mainly becoz i love colorful bags; and the names given for the bags too. Lilac, olive green, vert dèux, apple green, ultraviolet, seafoam green, rouge theatre, rose bon bon, pistachio, bleu tropical, jaune, vieux rose, ardoise, pink fluo, mangue, rose azalee, curry, bleu roi, gris tarmac, beige nougatine, marigold, AND SO MANY MORE. My goal is to own at least 2 more bals before 2017 ends. ♥️✌🏻 *pics taken from Google* #balgal #balenciagamalaysia #balenciaga #diehardfan