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Vandaag gezien hoe bagels worden gebakken bij @betterbagelsnl in Leiden. Zo cool! Dit is trouwens de enige plek in Nederland waar bagels ‘New York style’ worden gekookt (ja) en gebakken. EN ze hebben er super lekkere smaken, zoals chipotle, jalapeño, speculaas (!), kaneel-rozijn, brioche en nog veel meer... YUM 😍😍😍 - when in Leiden: ga hierheen!
Nothing like warm keto chocolate coffee for breakfast with these amazing little bagels!! Have you tried them? Soo good!!
Massive shout out to @abesbagelbakery for the treats! If you’ve ever been in the store on a weekday between 10am - 11am you’ll normally see us chowing down on some Abe’s bagels - so this was VERY well received 😂 thanks friends! (Harper Inc is also interested in sponsors for avocado, pesto and cherry tomatoes. Apply within)
Supper is semi-burnt Bagel Bites in a hedgehog paper bowl, because I have an inner 12 year old that won’t shut up! #bagelbites #hedgehog #refusetogrowup
I think I'm doing okay at this whole #adulting thing. Maybe... #bagelBites #wine #cannotBeBothered
We can't hide our excitement about these bagel bites! Neither can Daniela!! #BagelBites
People often comment "You must make all your own food." ~
Retaining my sanity is important 😉 I know my limitations.
I am always on the lookout for low GI, low simple carbs, high(ish) protein foods that are additive free - particularly colours and preservatives.
Wholemeal bagel bites @abesbagelbakery and even one square meal bites are regulars in DS11's lunchbox. And there's often bought @niceandnaturalfoodco protein nut bars in my daughter's lunchbox.
Occasionally (maybe once or twice a month) I even take an evening off and we get takeaways. Yes you read that right! Chinese is the most popular.
Bought burgers are usually only a 'treat' when we are travelling, purely out of convenience. (This one is homemade).
I live by the 90/10 (or sometimes 80/20) rule. That is enough for me to live up to, and enough to see noticeable health benefits. Realistically achievable too. I don't like setting people up to fail.
What do you think your ratio is? And when did you last have a burger?!
When Pizza’s on a Bagel You Can Eat Pizza Anytime! 🍕
I was feeling like #bagelbites 🍕 so I decided to make my own #glutenfree version!! 😋
I followed a #glutenfreebagel recipe from Pinterest and just added tomato 🍅 sauce, @flavorgod’s #pizzaseasoning, cheese 🧀 and pepperoni
#glutenfreemeal #glutenfreeoptions #healthierchoices #eatingwell #healthycooking
Shrimp in the morning,
Shrimp in the evenin',
Shrimp at suppertime!
When shrimp’s on a flatbread,
You can eat shrimp anytime! #90sKid #dallasfarmersmarket #bagelbites
Choppers in the mornin, choppers in the evenin, choppers at suppa time! When you're on set with @kranviskrewe you can shoot choppers any time! #kranviskrewe #setlife #setlighting #choppers #bagelbites #Djiorno #valor

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