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GIVEAWAY ALERT 🚨 As you know I’m not a big dieter... more of a foodie! However my trick to staying healthy and in shape is to drink green smoothies as meal substitutions. Especially now, with so much drinking, eating and partying it’s the best way to not fall off the health wagon! So... because I adore you I’m giving away a full box of fresh frozen smoothies from @thefrozengarden 🌱 To enter you must follow me + @thefrozengarden Like this image ❤️ and tag a few friends, family members, etc. Also, @thefrozengarden ships to 33 states so please make sure you are from a state they ship to by visiting their profile/site! xxx // #BerkunBeauty // 📷 #BabyKStyle
‘‘Tis the season 🎁 Wearing my favorite holiday dress from @shopakira // #liketkit // #BerkunStyles // 📷 by #BabyKStyle
Confession... I love ALL Holidays! No seriously I celebrate the opening of an envelope. So when @waldorfchicago invited my fam and I for the lighting of the tree to kick off the holiday season we were so in! Check out more on stories. What are you up to this holiday season?! Tell me I’d love to know. // #liketkit // #BerkunStyles // 📷 by #BabyKStyle
Devil wears Prada ❤️ Literally came up with this look last night with items I had in my closet for our annual family Halloween brunch! Check out stories + live 👹 Don’t worry, you still have time 💯 for a quick delivery before Tuesday! Register for double tap or use this link -> and have my looks sent directly to your inbox 💌 // #BerkunHalloween #liketkit #BerkunStyles // 📷 #BABYKSTYLE
This is us! This weekend was spent chillin, drinking and way too much eating! Happy Birthday to my gorgeous boy, the little man who made me a mother, my decader @cool_guy2007 my comedian, my strength and one of the most honest humans I’ve ever met! // #liketkit // #BerkunStyles #ThaliaSky #babykstyle #Nuggetstyle
Don't pack away your summer favorites just yet! With just a few simple styling hacks you can transition your favorite summer dress into fall!
1. Add a thick pair of tights + a chic pair of ankle booties
2. Try an over the knee boot, like I did here
3. Add a baker boy cap or a beret
4. Throw on you favorite moto jacket
5. Try the new dress over jeans look and pair up with your skinnies #liketkit // #BERKUNstyles // 📷 by #BabyKStyle
Last nights epic DISCOTEQUE Party celebrating one of my favorite humans my #BabyKStyle ✨ Check out all the fun on stories before they’re gone 💃🏼🕺🏻 // #BabyKpartyWeekend
Happy Birthday to this perfect little human... Words can't describe how special, magical💫 and beautiful you are! My first little girl, my muse, my little spirit animal, my love child 💖 May you always be healthy, keep dreaming, creating and being the best you, you can be.
Never forget how to fly, butterfly 🦋 Never forget where you come from, from LOVE 💓 // #BabyKstyle
It's that heart of gold and stardust soul that makes you beautiful ✨These babes are wearing their @lolaandtheboys "Pink Princess Tutu" dresses 💞 // #ThaliaSky #BabyKStyle
User Image nicole.ferretti Posted: Sep 5, 2017 3:05 PM (UTC)
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5 Sept, 2017 ¤ Si os sentís equivocados es porque estáis rodeados de mala gente. Buscad las personas que hacen que tu corazón (y no la cabeza) cruce los cables. 🐻💋💘
I was tagged by my friend, @everythingerica to share 10 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF 🙋🏼Here they are!!
1️⃣ I was born and raised in the former USSR and immigrated to this country when I was 9 years old. I lived in communism.
2️⃣ I lived in Italy and Austria before moving to Chicago.
3️⃣ When I was 18 years old I took a trip to Israel as a part of the @birthrightisrael program. I loved it so much that I called home and told my parents I wasn’t coming back. After they told me they weren’t going to send me money and I must come home, I got a job at a club in Telaviv as a coat check girl and stayed.
4️⃣ I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and started my first business at 17 years old.
5️⃣ I owned a clothing line when I was 22 years old that was carried at @shopakira and online.
6️⃣ I was voted “most creative” and “best dressed” in High School
7️⃣ I had a body painting company called Corporalis Couture. We had models/dancers body-painted that worked at numerous clubs and for many major liquor companies.
8️⃣ I have visited 26 countries and have a passion for travel.
9️⃣ When I was pregnant with #BabyKStyle I worked very closely on a project with John Malkovich who rubbed my belly and told me how special this child was. It turned out to be pretty true, she’s my crystal baby! (I often refer to Kalista (crystal) Natan (indigo) Thalia (rainbow).
🔟 When I was four years old I was diagnosed with ITP and mostly lived in hospitals till age 12 when I went into remission.
Do any of these surprise you?! If so, which one?? 👇🏼😬 If I tagged you in this photo, it's your turn and I wanna learn more!! Xoxo // 📷 @madxphoto
Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane... these are my girls! Obsessing over our matching looks by @modernechild ❤️ // #BerkunStyles #ThaliaSky #BabyKStyle
Let me love you a little more, before you're not little anymore ✨// #BerkunStyles #NuggetStyle #ThaliaSky #BabyKStyle // 📷 @hallie_duesenberg
"A whole new world..." Loved spending the night with my bestie watching one of the most magical musicals @Aladdin. Thank you @BroadwayinChicago for hosting my princess and I 💛💜 // #liketkit // #BerkunStyles #BabyKStyle