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#AugustonSunday436 POSTS

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If you got the newsletter today you already know but if you haven't signed up yet go to our website and sign up for our newsletter! Free song download with your subscription! See you November 3rd with @madmatadorrocks and @needmorecounterspace
Make "Battery Acid" your alarm in the morning so you can feel like this every day 📽: @capitolwrestling
*cheesy advertising voice* Rocking sure takes a lot out of you that's why we drink @gorillacoffee Morning noon or night they'll be there to keep you right! #sellouts
We played Anthony Gangone's entrance during the @capitolwrestling live taping the other day. Check out and subscribe to their youtube to see him take on Matt Macintosh as well as all the other content they have up
We've worked with @gobridgeside a few times since their inception and they always astonish us with their professionalism and welcoming presence. Awesome work from them yesterday. Check out and subscribe to their YouTube for more content including the full video from bay ridge's 3rd avenue festival including sets from @back_from_zero @holaoyola @johnnyandthebootlegs & @denizenmusicnyc
Coming into Sunday like...
The staff and wrestlers of @capitolwrestling were incredible! Get your tickets now for their December 29th event! If you missed us we're rocking today at the 3rd avenue festival outside @jjbubblesbar and chilling with the crew of @gobridgeside along with all the other bands playing today @denizenmusicnyc @johnnyandthebootlegs @back_from_zero
Rob and Danny are maybe a little too excited for @capitolwrestling AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO!
Spread love, dance frequently, just make sure you sell those punches or you're gonna get tagged. @capitolwrestling tomorrow! TICKET LINK IN BIO! 📽: @jsantimusic
The 3rd avenue festival is getting a facelift this year courtesy of the staff of @gobridgeside
Check it out this year outside of @jjbubblesbar
See you there bay ridge!
3 days until @capitolwrestling and we're rocking the house for their live television taping! Get your tickets now and come out to the capitol! Ticket link in bio
A very happy birthday to the man behind the bass Rob D! Fun facts: Rob enjoys cooking, football, and can even lick his own elbow! Sorry ladies but this stud is taken!
Did you miss our last show at @union_pool? Get your tickets to @capitolwrestling for this Saturday! Tickets available! Link in bio
📽: @johnnyandthebootlegs
Holy #flashbackfriday everyone! Here's the original drawing of the shirts we put out for our release of "33" courtesy of the one and only Axel Alvarado #AOS
Get yours at our next show with @capitolwrestling
Happy home opener! August on Sunday doesn't always agree on sports teams but we can agree on this #LETSGORANGERS!
HOBOKEN! We're coming for ya! Next Saturday we're rocking #CapitolWrestling
Check out @capitolwrestling for more details and tickets
Last night we ate tacos and rocked face over at @union_pool
Here's a picture
📸: @jsantimusic