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Black Peplum top- $5.00 plus $2.50 flat rate shipping. Every doll needs a basic black top! This one is made from all new material and is great for holidays or everyday! (It is a soft black, not stark black.)
What I want to know is, how did they find me??
Did they look through the records for my maiden name, knowing that I had just about every accessory Felicity had, see that I was married and figured “she’s bound to have a baby by now let’s send her a catalogue”? Or did they know I had a baby girl and just send it to everyone who had one this year? Listen ‘Mattel’ I know what you’ve done, you got rid of your very first, my girl Felicity! How could you?! Yes I applaud you for the new dolls and the message of kindness but how could you?!
Also does anyone remember what the cataloged use to look like?! They were this beautiful, large volumes with heavy paper and gorgeous pictures. Again, I understand the need for downsizing and doing what’s best for the environment, BUT STILL! Just let me be mad about it all ok?
As far as I see it, I cannot support this because Mattel owns it and and they have ruined one of my favorite childhood things. So go away, I’m sure you’ll get hip to the game soon and send a catalogue to Isla’s grandmother but for now leave, us alone. She’ll just eat the pages anyway (baby choking hazard am I right?). #goaway #americangirldoll #howcouldyou #felicity #comeon
I was absolutely thrilled to see one of my favorite pattern creators, @madeformermaids, released an entire bundle of doll patterns! I finally stayed up way too late and made this cute Nina tunic. I also bought the patterns for Elise that match that we didn’t already have. I have one happy girl! #m4mdolledup #americangirldoll #isew #sewcialists #mamamade #madeformermaids
Cozy Winter Dress- $10.00 plus $2.50 flat rate shipping. This dress is made from a clean, recycled girls dress (see last pic)! The bodice and sleeves are fleece-lined to keep your doll warm.
Candid moment 3/3. Pixie in the kitchen/lounge room, hanging out with Sprite! #agig
Candid moment 2/3. Alyx doing the dishes. Agig
The girls moved into their new apartment today. Here's candid shot 1//3! Bubbles with their Golden retriever, Sprite! #agig
An entire photoshoot went down before bed of Harper and her American Girl Doll "Ashlynn." She sure is a Diva but I wouldn't have it any other way 😍I just love her #americangirlobsessed #harpermarie #americangirldoll #mygirl #divaintraining
This handmade dress is still available. It's our last one for Halloween made by our in-house seamstress, Jackie. She is busy working on Christmas dresses now. This dress fits Wellie Wisher, Hearts for Hearts and Maru dolls. It's a gorgeous pattern and a festive design. It's $30 plus $3 shipping. #shopsmall #pointpleasantnj #handmadedollclothes #americangirldoll #welliewishers #heartsforheartsgirls #joy2everygirl #fortheloveofdolls
Halloween Doll Costumes are all 30% off at our store. Come in or email us if you're interested. We accept credit cards and pay pal. These costumes run about $16 (shipping included). In the store, they're around $13 after the discount. Great buys!! #shopsmall #pointpleasantnj #americangirldoll #agig #dollsincostumes #joy2everygirl #fortheloveofdolls #loveag #dollshop
Pale face, bright eyes, dark past
Today I get to go back to my second home one last time for the season😭 Plus Sunday I get to cosplay🙌 I'm soooooo excited!!!! But in a different note, I only have one more photo of this girl before I retire her from the account. Oops!
#americangirldollbrand #americangirldoll #agig #activeag #agigfeatureme #famouscustoms #customdolls #agdolls #dolls
Получила заветную коробочку только что из рук курьера - восторгу нет предела! Ещё ничего не успела примерить, но не могу не выложить!))) Трусики просто покорили))) Спасибо @my_love_paola за доставленную радость! 😍 #paolareina #agiger #agig #americangirlbrand #loveag #americangirldoll
And once again it is a Friday 😊 what’s your favourite thing to do on the last day of the week? Friday is my chill out day where I spend time to myself reading and watching YouTube, unless I have plans with friends 😊💖
#americangirlbrand #agig #americangirldoll #americangirl #agigers #agiger #joy2everygirl
Today is a non-uniform day at school, so Hadley got Scarlett in on the action! 👧🏼👧🏼 #tgif #americangirldoll
// d a n i e l l a (ᵔᴥᵔ)
got my phone back yesterday yay!! happy friday everyone:))

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