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If only everything in life were as simple as aloo gobi. Probably one of my favourite simple Indian dishes, with 2 main ingredients: potatoes and cauliflower. Best part of all, no messy pounding of herbs or spices and it's all done in half an hour.
If you look closely you can see steam rising from our organic 🌱 Aloo Gobi on top of fresh Basmati Rice garnished with fresh cilantro. Perfect to warm your belly on this cold October day! 🍂 •

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A spicy green chicken curry, Kerala style, with a side of Aloo Gobi and basmati rice. If you are a curry fan this is one of the best. Tangy and spicy at the same time. I like to barbecue the chicken before putting in the curry to seal in the moisture and give it a bit of smokiness.
Anyone else like okra (ladies fingers)? It's one of my favourites. Known as bhinda in Gujarati, it's something I will always pick up if I spot it in the Indian supermarkets.
Here I've got it cooking away gently in warming aromatic spices until it's got that just slight crispness. My other favourite is the world famous aloo gobi. Both were served with freshly made chappatis. A few buttered ones for the little fella.
Dinner: aloo gobi (potato-cauliflower) and veggies 🥔🥒🌽🍠
Tonight at PDR.... #aloogobi #yesagain and #primitivo ... great pairing! Dish needs a bit more heat, but otherwise delish... yay me! 😄🍷#indianwannabe Soundtrack: Adele... mellow for #meatlessmonday
World Food Day is a reminder that with #climatechange, we need to change our 🌎 agriculture and food system. Do your part in leading #sustainability and #GoVegan! Or for a start, commit to #meatlessmonday and buy #organic! 🌱🍛🥗
#zerohunger #wfd2017 #worldfoodday
#curryupnow #veganindian #thali
Tonight's dish: Jamie Oliver's Best Aloo Gobi with Vegan Richa's Easy Jackfruit Curry

Possibly not the best pairing but we had leftover Aloo Gobi to make something to go with today and I’ve wanted to try jackfruit curry for ages.

The Aloo Gobi was good, quite mild so the cauliflower taste really came through. It would have been better with the fresh coriander but we didn’t have any to hand.

The jackfruit curry was lovely, really flavoursome and peppery. We enjoyed the jackfruit texture, sort of chickeny but less chewy. Will definitely make this one again.

#jackfruit #curry #vegan #dairyfree #glutenfree #sugarfree #aloogobi #realfoods

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