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User Image mdorbust Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:57 PM (UTC)

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Social support:
Younger generations are growing up in an increasingly technology dependent society which will undoubtedly have psychological effects on both an individual and a population level. There are many hypotheses, both positive and negative, on what those effects will be, but as we focus on the positives, one thing is for sure; It has never been this easy to form and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships.
We’re all just a few taps away from reaching out to almost anybody we’ve ever met. Think of how difficult it would have been for our parents to maintain a relationship with multiple friends that they made in elementary school. Every person you talk to brings a different perspective on things, so make the effort to get to know the people around you and to maintain the relationships that you’ve formed, it’s a luxury that’s easier today than any other time.
Developing this social support is important for a few reasons. In order to grow as a person it is extremely important to reach out of your comfort zone, and as you continue on your journey to medicine, or an other career path, there will be many opportunities to do so. However, you are much more likely to take advantage of these opportunities if you are confident and comfortable with yourselves. Personally I’ve pushed my comfort zone academically, in entrepreneurial opportunities, public speaking experiences, and more, but I was only able to take those leaps because of the atmosphere I live in fostered by the support of family and friends.
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User Image melaninpa Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:41 PM (UTC)

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H A P P Y F U N F A C T F R I D A Y ❗️❗️🧠💕 ————————————————————————-Melanin PA’s! Did you know Joyce Nichols, PA-C ; the first woman to be formally educated as a physician assistant (PA) ❓ She also happens to be the first African-American woman to practice as a PA ❗️❗️——————————————————————————— Nichols was working as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at Duke University when Dr. Eugene A. Stead, Jr. established his 2-yr PA educational program in 1965. She learned about the program from a former Navy corpsman who worked with her in the cardiac unit. The program was originally designed to build on the past experience and training of ex-military corpsmen ——————————————————————————-Thank you Ms. Joyce, you have paved the way for our Melanin PAs . Queens see Queens 👑 #csusbhpac #advisingcenter #finalsweek #prehealth #healthcareers #summercamp #summer2016 #intern #csusb #amcas #aamc #mcat #personalstatement #shadowing #gpa #futuredoctorsofamerica #futuredoctorsinthemaking #progressionsession #getoutthereandvote #presidentalelection #healtheducation #cavotes #medicalschool #graduateschoolbound #bosslady #successfulwomen #shedidthat #shedabomb
User Image milanopepapa Posted: Jan 15, 2018 2:39 PM (UTC)

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Kemesraan ini janganlah cepat berlalu, kemesraan ini inginku kenang selalu...
#AAMC #DiberkatiUntukMemberkati
Many thanks to @bmorelifestyletv for having AAMC cancer prevention program supervisor, Joanne Ebner, on this week to talk about ways to quit smoking! Is quitting your New Year’s resolution? If so, tell us how it’s going! .
#quittingsmoking #NewYearsresolution #goals #smokingcessation #AnneArundelMedicalCenter #AAMC #Baltimore #LivingHealthierTogether
User Image jessicapagliaphotography Posted: Jan 12, 2018 6:58 PM (UTC)

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Today I got to spend time with my tiniest client of the year so far. Have I mentioned how much I love baby fingers and toes? 😍

#jessicapagliaphotography #fresh48 #marylandphotographer #aamc #freshbaby
User Image angelbambi Posted: Jan 12, 2018 3:28 AM (UTC)
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Off to International Gamefowl Festival Day 1 ❤️ See you there! #AAMC #TGIF #5thIGF

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