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I hate Trump the President... In fact hate is such a soft word to describe my feeling..he has the essence of all evil brewed into him.... But Donald Trump the that is something else..... When I first got serious with wealth creation, I pretty much put him as my role model...I bought this book way back in 2005 and ever since it has become my source of inspiration...a guidance of sort...i even plan to wrote a letter to him someday once I reached my vision to become a billionaire.... Yes, set... B...not even M

Recently, as part of my attempt to read 7 books in a week I choose The Art Of the Deal by Mr Trump ( over a few other book with his name that I owned)... Perhaps this is the third or fourth time I read the book but now I read it with different life experience and perspective.... Somehow I can relate better.... I do not remember much what i read last time other than his most precious advice to think big ( and perhaps the reason most people could not understand what I am trying to do with my life...., erkkk sorry mom...blame it on Trump)

The book was written during his younger day when Ivana is pretty much still in love with him, Ivanka can hardly count and Trump himself is a dashing young entrepreneur living large in NYC with strong vision.... Trump the entrepreneur is a great men.....much can be learn from him.. His persistence, obsession to perfection, ability to ride on his multiple leverage, life discipline ( I owe it to him that i turn out to be a dedicated morning person) and many more that it could take me the whole text book to talk about him....more importantly, as entrepreneur he can create products and sold everything at premium....for he know his market well.....pretty much the same principle with what I am trying to do with CR albeit at fraction of his scale

There are millions other individual that we can learn from to become great entrepreneur... But you cant discount that he is among the best there is

Still... I hate u Mr Trump... How i wish that u did not become the POTUS.... hahahah

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This is the second book in my 7 books a week series.Did finish it on tuesday before i pick up trump.

The book, written by Najib Asadok (one of those self proclaim business guru) putting his famous idea on how to run your online business.mostly, he puts a lot of logic behind every theory but it make a lot of sense and will tick lots of your check boxes (the Oh patut la moment)

But it is not only on online business... His fundamental idea about sales and marketing can be practised in any kind of business as he touched the issues with the most fundamental aspect of it.The root to sales , branding and marketing activities... My jaw dropped by the time i flip the last page (mostly because now i realised how stupid am i)

Interestingly, he wrote it casually... Simple and Easy to understand, with realistic example... I highly recommend this book to any entrepreneur out there be it you are new... Or a season hustler..... There is much to learn from him.... Especially true for entrepreneur with malay centric market.... Why did i say that? Go figure!!! #sifufbads #7books #najibasadok
My TBR for Spookathon! From Left to Right, we have "The Library of Souls" by Richard Denney, "The Lunatic Cafe, Guilty Pleasures, The Laughing Corpse, & Circus of the Damned" (4 books) Anita Blake Seris by Laurell K. Hamilton, "The Fifth Petal" by Brunonia Barry & finally "Blood Crime" by Kim Harrison. I doubt I would get to all of them within the week Spookathon, for sure I'm reading Kim Harrison & Richard Denney! Bring it on!
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I've been busy taking on the crazy YouTube 24 Readathon challenge! 😱 I just finished at 1am and in these measly 24 hours (minus 3 for falling asleep and a few for family time/dinner) I managed to read 7 books with a complete total of 1,352 pages!! I chose to challenge myself with the quantity of books with shorter pages (up to 246 pages) rather than how many larger paged books I could do. I'm very pleased with my efforts and 7 is one of my favorite numbers!
You may be pleased to know that I also filmed this process and I'm currently trying to edit the footage to have up on my channel for tomorrow's scheduled time even though I'd love to go to bed right now 😴😩
But thanks to ReadByZoe on YouTube for the idea! I look forward to trying again in the (far) future lol
Have any of you tried the 24 hour Readathon challenge? Let me know below!
7 libri per una storia❤️😍 Amo questa immagine🤤😍
#qotd qual'è il vostro libro preferito?
#aotd Harry Potter e il prigioniero di Azkaban
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Channeling some Dumbledore wisdom with one of my youngest characters!
17 days til this book is complete. Oh, shit.
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Writing about adventure makes me antsy for more of my own, even if writing this book is a massive adventure itself! 📚✍🏻🦌🗺💎🏺🔮📿⚰️⚗️📜🚁🤺🏹🤸🏻‍♀️💥💫
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