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Then you smiled and I reached out to you
I could tell you were lonely too
One look and then it all began for you and me
The moment that we touched I knew that there would be

Two less lonely people in the world -Started my morning with delight
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One stop and you’re good to go. Get your food fix and pay your Metrobank Card bill at 7-Eleven. #MetrobankCard #711ph
711ph 2d ago
Friday pero tambak pa rin ang trabaho? Mag lunch muna with your favorite Every Day Combo of Hottarice Munggo and Gulp! #711EveryDayCombo #711ph
711ph 2d ago
Learn a mind-blowing trick from Spinner-hero Paolo!
Check out his Instagram and see if you can follow his ultimate spinner-move: The Spinner Stance! If you can do it, post a video and use the hashtags #SpinStancePaolo #SpinnersUnite for a chance to win a very special prize from Paolo himself! #JusticeLeague #711ph

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Summer never ends!

For only P34, go on a tropical adventure with your tastebuds with the newest flavor from Mogu Mogu: Pina Colada. Only at 7-Eleven! #OnlyAt711ph #711ph Reposted from 711ph
711ph 3d ago
You’re not the only one hooked on these Justice League Spinners. @saabmagalona is obsessed with them, too!
She's giving out some prizes so check out her ultimate spinner-hero move called the Somersault Twist and post your own version using the hashtags #SomersaultSaab #SpinnersUnite.
#JusticeLeague #711ph
711ph 5d ago
Rise above the rest and blow everybody away with new spinner moves! Post your videos now and use our official hashtags.
To get your own limited edition Justice League spinners, click Per DTI-FTEB Permit #13667 Series of 2017. Promo runs until November 21, 2017.

#SpinnersUnite #JusticeLeague #711ph"
7-Eleven is launching a spinner contest online featuring Spinner Heroes and kuya @paolovalenciano is one of them! Tune in to 7-Eleven's official Facebook page to join him as he take his spin in spinning the Justice League Spinner. #SpinnersUnite #JusticeLeague #711ph #SpinStancePaolo #PaoloValenciano
711ph 6d ago
Guess what? Your cosplay hero @liui.aquino is now your spinner-hero too! And he’s stoked to show you his ultimate move: The Twirling Trio! Upload your own version of it and use the hashtags #TwirlTrioLiui #SpinnersUnite and you might just receive a very cool gift from him! #JusticeLeague #711ph
Less is mooore for the very Pretty @saabmagalona.😊 Hair by @aldrinjalandoni Makeup by yours truly. 7eleven online promo plug shoot. #spinnersunite #711ph #endorsement
7eleven online promo plug shoot. @saabmagalona thank you for the trust.😊 Hair by @aldrinjalandoni Makeup by yours truly. #711ph #endorsement #videoshoot #spinnersunite