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#Parabéns minha princesa por mais um mês de tantas alegrias em nossas vidas...
#6°MêsDaRafinha 😍❤
Ok a few days ok, I had an entry in a fun challenge #1centurychallenge. I was equally intrigue when @sepatufresh mentioned a possible #1Kchallenge and @thedopegame thought I might could achieve1,000 years in 30-35 pairs. Always up for any challenge so round 2 again with the onus on wearable pairs in my extended rotation not collection.
I always like to give a little context to the era especially as most I amthe original purchaser.
1. PONY – One on One (1983) 34 yrs – Before ESPN and social media told you “who to be like” there was the original Skywalker David Thompson. This shoe was one of the few I recall that came with adhesive or peel off numbers you could apply to the show. Quite frankly if you didn’t apply a #33 or perhaps a #6 for you bball sports herothen you were just a weirdo in my book.
2. Brooks – SKYteam (1987) 30 years – Dominique Wilkins up until then it’s really all I knew of my future residence, but dammit it was enough!
3. Asics Tiger HI (1984) 33 years – I am pretty sure the first Basketball listing from the brand, a lot of pairs to follow would place histraps for additional ankle support, although we were still years away from
viral crossovers, most cats really had average handles and you could guard in low tops.
4. New Balance 480 HI (1982) 35 years – Their first basketball listing and yet another pair the Celtics made it hard for me to wear in this case ML Carr who made being the 12th man a thing.
5. Ellesse Maurice Cheeks (1985) 32 years – Sports were very regional rooting at that time, typically your team was passed down from Grand pops to pops to you and if you wanted to root another team wait till you moved out. I got my own place and I got some Cheeks.
164 total = running tally 10 pairs = 367. #1centurychallenge #1kchallenge #osdlive #Brooks #ellesse #newbalance #Sneakerhistory #sneakerconnoisseur #subculturetuff #nba #asics #wearwhatyoulike #wearyourvintage #nocountryforoldsneakers
台風 ☔➰🌀後の今空
Pretty stoked about my new setup. Deer season is just around the corner so it's time to put her to work. #BergaraB-14HMR #6.5Creedmoor #VortexHST #vortexoptics #vortexnation #bergara #longrange
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