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juanpas9 269w ago
Fachadas y detalles de #vilareal en #picfx. Muy buenos días!
juanpas9 288w ago
👉this fantastic photo was shot by @gordogf and the #bwcollaboration team edited it. Paseo Dique de Levante (Dyke of Levante) in #Torrevieja, #Spain, called the Costa Blanca. The breakwater that finishes at the lighthouse of Torrevieja port has become a raised esplanade more than a thousand six hundred metres long, constructed with a modern and functional structure in which wood and steel is combined. It provides a spectacular panoramic viewing 'between seas'. Underneath is a cycle lane and also loved by hobby fishers who always patienty waiting for the first baits. Is now one of the places most visited by tourists. The 1st. Instagramers Congress will be held in the city of Torrevieja, on May 5 and 6 #Torrevieja2012. The #BWCOLLABORATION is a UNIQUE TAG👉........ Same photo, different b/w edits from the Fabulous BLACKANDWHITE TEAM........check the other edits by: @tubaa, @hermanolobo, @nikosx, @ecnerual, @whatever2011, @journeyofnow, @arridj, @ozono5555, @avenueone, @lrcasanova @javierjq, @juanpas9 , @farah_castillo, @ilkerro, @belenbutra, @yaiphoto, @acedialacrimosa, @rsuarezbn, @gallus @gordogf @cheekycharlie11 , @Nik1406, @bettio, @cokana, @emrahicten @latibod, @s10g , @hnato_nf @thothamon @capitanpollo @badbag @jl_saez @mfmasso @rizzoweb @paoloberta79_gi @jimm__emono Next week we edit the awesome @cheekycharlie11 Stay tuned every monday for other edits on #BWcollaboration!
juanpas9 288w ago
Iglesia Parroquial de Berrocalejo, Cáceres. Detalle de solado.
juanpas9 288w ago
Construcciones de piedra y adobe. El Gordo, Cáceres. Buenos días a todos!
juanpas9 288w ago
Buenos días. Rincones de Oropesa, (Toledo) 5/5
juanpas9 288w ago
Buenos días!!! Oropesa (Toledo) 4/5
juanpas9 289w ago
Buenos días y feliz domingo, con otro trozo del atardecer de ante ayer en el lago del #parquecentraltc de #trescantos
juanpas9 290w ago
TGIF!! Buenos días! Se termina la semana de fotos de mañana tomadas en Béjar, Salamanca y editada con snapseed y picfx.