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A year ago today was the last time I spoke to my brother @majesty360nyc . I was on my way to Jamaica for our 1st event in Negril. We had been arguing a lot since his Bornday in Vegas but the last time we spoke it was peace tho, we talked abt his upcoming move and he said he wanted to travel with me and Jas. We were going to meet up in Vegas for the AVNs. I miss my brother every day. His insight, his heart that extended from fam to strangers that always had a place for the oppressed and the forgotten. His hustle, his Mr. Makin It Happen really making amazing shit happen persona, his music, his corny ass sense of humor and his honesty. Maj used to let me know not only when I was fucking up but when I was on the right path as well.
It's coming up on a year and the shit somehow feels like yesterday and forever all at the same time. #ripmajesty #overthrow #5thColumn #hiphop #fam #rip #grassrootsartistsmovement
If anyone has a non-bootleg copy of this and wants to sell/trade hook me up!
Nasty Facts - Drive My Car - 1981 #nastyfacts #drivemycar #5thcolumn #jimbocorecords #vinylcollection #vinyl #vinylcollector #vinyladdict
They Can Handle Raindrops; We Need To Be A Fire-Hose
Keeping our candles under bushels until "____" is a gift to the schemers.
[PETER HENDRICKSON] THE OTHER DAY I GOT AN EMAIL that said, in part: "Hello Pete, I will be sending you testimony for the victories I’ve accomplished since reading, and applying your book, but right at the moment I’m trying to deal with..." Here's a recent application for state group membership: "My wife and I live in Modesto. We have filed 3 years using the info from CTC. So far so good as far as Federal. However we received a..." Here's another: "I finally used your book after about 10 years. I waited until the day after tax day and I filed, I got the check about 2 months later from the IRS, but not the Ca. state, but this year I got the state refund..." I get emails of this sort nearly every day. They are sent to ask a question or make a request or a comment, and the writer, from whom I have often never before heard, mentions in passing his or her victories over the years.

Here's the problem: A lot of good things that happen over the years are staying hidden in darkness, never being shared with others. At best these good things come out in dribs and drabs, which fall on the bad guys and their stonewall defense of the "ignorance tax" scheme with no more force than that of a gentle rain.

This is a terrible lost opportunity! In the aggregate, the dribs and drabs are much more than gentle raindrops, and that's how they need to fall! All together, in real time, all the time, in a torrent!! #irs #crackingthecode #ctc @calftb @mercnews #SanJoseMercuryNews #5thColumn #Worthless #fifthcolumn
#General #EmilioMola was a leader amomg the #fascist #generals who overthrew the #Republican government. He's most famous for coining the term #5thcolumn and less known for the #atrocities he ordered. He died in a suspicious plane crash (as would another rival of #Franco) during the #SpanishCivilWar but no conclusive evidence has yet come to light proving Franco's role in his death which may have been #accidental.
Shout out to my by @johnxsmith808 for the bad ass clothing and fresh tats! Dudes a true artist and his clothing has a motivating message! Shoots Bruh🤙🏼#5thcolumn #5thcolumnhawaii #5thcolumnlifting
(all images from the 28-page booklet that accompanies our remastered 2CD Personality Crisis collection)
Does anybody have any footage/recordings/memories from these legendary West Coast shows that PC was a part of? Playing On Broadway with @dead__kennedys , @minorthreat , Free Beer, and 5th Column... That would've been a hell of a show to see!
While not many great-quality live Personality Crisis sets are easily available (wait for it...), their complete studio works have been completely remastered and released by Sounds Escaping! $20CDN (plus p+p) will nab you one! We've also got PC 'tour' posters and T-shirts available for purchase!
An ocean of scaffolding at our Penn Quarter location as we renovate the 110 year old banking hall. This view comes from the just completed 100 seat balcony mezzanine!

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