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Dread The RED!!! SO EXTREMELY PROUD of my team for first place in AAA!!! We may have been small but we are mighty!!! #4h🍀 #4hdream #4hgrowshere #texas4h #d34h
D3 Leader Lab was nothing short of AMAZING. Oh, how I love not only this organization but these people!❤🍀 #4hdream #4h🍀 #4hgrowshere #4hgrows #texas4h #d34h
I don't usually post more than once about something, but since this year at Roundup was so amazing, how could I not?
I'm so blessed to be in the greasiest state!

#walkercounty4h #texas4hroundup #beefedpres #4hdream
I may not be a senior but this was basically my 4H senior year. As I walked the stage for the last time last night I could not stop thinking about how much 4H means to me. I've met some of my best friends through this program and I'm more than grateful to be a inspiration to kids. As my 4H window is now closer than ever to closing fully shut, my positions as president of Nolan county, district delegate at large for D7 and state council position statuses may be gone, I will always be a leader. For a leader is someone who makes the people around them better instead of using their power for their own personal gain. 4H is much much more than just stock showing or just a "dumb club"
As I pass down my green jacket to the next generation of 4h. I challenge them to dream big and always stay humble and kind even to those who bring you down. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. We have much more potential than we think we have. #texas4H #4Hdream #morepicturestocome
This certainly reminds me of my teen years at @garnerstatepark, where for 1 week a year I was a country music fan and danced the 2 step with a hundred different people!
Who knew when I grew up I'd still be camping, and with 4-H?
#Repost @texas4h
4-Her's getting down at the #Texas4H Roundup dance! #4HDream
College Station + RoundUp + Ft. Worth Stockshow & Rodeo Scholarship= best 4-H experience ever!!! So blessed and honored to be a recipient of the Ft. Worth Stockshow & Rodeo Scholarship. #4hdream #texas4h #texas4hroundup #ftworthstockshowandrodeo