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I don't need help. I can do this on my own. Nobody can help me. Nobody cares enough. Nobody knows what I am going through. Sound familiar? These are the words that my fears and my ego told me on more occasions than I can care to remember. It is the conversation I had in my head every time I struggled with failure, or faced a challenge I thought was impossible, or when I got stuck in life. If you can relate to this, you are definitely not alone.
You see, we live in a society where we are told that we are the masters of our own destiny. That we are the creators of our own future. That nobody will do things for us and we need to do things for ourselves. I am a very strong believer in this mindset.
However, what is never shared is that we cannot achieve success without the help of others. We have all been there. We start something, it gets tough, we talk about pushing through but don't and we quit, only to start over again. This is the truth about fighting life by yourself!
A lot of you have seen the work I have put in to succeed in life. My early morning workouts, my motivational quotes, my efforts in running my own fitness and life coaching business. What you haven't seen is the support and the constant encouragement of my tribe. The support of my family, my close friends, The Crew and other success partners at Team Beachbody, the accountability from my running community, the motivation to succeed from the knowledge for men community and of course the ever present energy of my IPEC family. And while I strive to create the life of my dreams on my own, I would not have gotten this far without the love and the encouragement I receive from my tribe EVERYDAY!
So thank you ALL for your continual support. Thank you for the love. And thank you for always being there when I need you the most. Teams are important, tribes are important. Build yours today and count me in as one of your ever present supporters as you can embark on your journey to #OwnYourLife
Shoutout to a darn good big brother Tyler, for taking these pics before the rain washes away ALL of Jadi's hard work! I❤️ #42 @bspell33 @tyler_spell @jadi_weaver Homecoming 2017🐾💛🖤
9s83 15m ago
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I'm always like I don't make people sad.😀💕..
But when I look to my self destroy destroy.✋💔
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배번호도 왔고 차표도 끊었는데 몸이 준비되지 않아서 경기전까지 로드보다는 트레드밀을 이용하기로 했다. 최대한 빠르고 길게 많이 달리자~
2017. 10. 20. 금. 9:45pm
It makes more sense to dump #Gatorade on the losing head coach.
These things here, are the mf truth! I was in here looking like a swollen eyed raccoon; before applying these eye mask.
#nofilter #42 #unflawless #loveyourself #restoringmyself #shitcouldbeworse #trustyourdopeness #💚

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