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Rewind back 8 years from today to one special day with the most extraordinary person @judah_orshansky ! We have had a wild rollercoaster ride together I could not have picked a better person to do it with. I love you пупсик мой! Here is to many more crazy times together! #gratefulforthisman #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday #weddinganniversary #eightyearstogether #iloveyou
I know I'm one lucky girl and I'm greatful for that! Day 78/365
User Image Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:16 PM (UTC)

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Day 77/365 grateful for a lazy Saturday and indulging in selfcare on a day like this. Hot bath, hot food and heating back on. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday
User Image Posted: Mar 15, 2018 11:15 PM (UTC)

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Day 75/365 grateful for letting myself to be a kid again. I had so much fun taking part in a shark chase game in the pool today with my boys and their friends. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday #beingakidagain
Day 73/365 grateful for unbelievable achievements which my 4 year old( baby Andrew)had accomplished. Everyday we try to practice Russian and visiting Russian school every Saturday morning well after all the hard work is paying off. He is reading Russian before English! Goals!!! Yay! So proud! Maybe juast maybe one of my kids will learn Russian. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday #proudmama #горжусьсыном #молодец
User Image Posted: Mar 12, 2018 7:19 PM (UTC)

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Day 72/365 grateful to be patient with myself and others it is a very important especially when you are a mum but it applies to so many people and circumstances. Im on the long road to what I want most... just need to practice a little patients. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday #patients #calm
User Image Posted: Mar 10, 2018 8:18 AM (UTC)

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Day 69/365 grateful for spending time with this human its been a long time. So grateful for my true friends what would I do without you. Lucky lucky lucky! Also had to dig out some of my ancient skills. I always love to surprise people with what I can do. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday
Day 68/365 grateful for the amazig, beautiful, loving, strong and kind women in my family. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday #internationalwomensday
Day 67/365 grateful for strong, beautiful, bold, brilliant women out their standing up for themselves and for the rest of te women on this planet. One of them @theashleygraham supporting all the women and saying, “No!” to body shaming. Tomorrow is International Women's Day let's support each other not shame, let's love each other not hate! Today on my english class we were reading about fashion, dress code of all different centuries. Women were always looked down at and shamed for whaever they wore, the way they behaived and the way they looked(shape,colour and size). Im grateful to all the grandmothets, mothers, sisters and girlfriends for their understanding, care, endless love and support. Keep it up! #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday #internationalwomensday
Day 66/365 grateful for these incredible people for their wisdom, support and strength. @drchatterjee @_clairebaker_ @adzeatsketo @chikaumehike @emilyskyefit @1_fit_chick_in_progress @sweatseeker @petajean_ some of the ppl that I follow and they have made a massive inpact in my life. Some I have never met some ill probably will never meet. Some are very close to my heart, my besties. Special people from whom I learn, who help me find the answers, who inspire. You all make an impact. Knowledge, selflove, selfcare, strength we all follow the path and we all try to reach our goals. Some get there sooner then others but we all support each other in one way or the other. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday Hope you don't mind me posting your pictures up ladies and gentelman.
Day 65/365 grateful for my bed. Early night last night more strength today. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday
Day 63/365 grateful for precious moments like these. Could watch him sleep all night long. #365gratefuldays #everygratefulday
User Image coachceres Posted: Mar 3, 2018 1:51 AM (UTC)

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