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27/365: cheating and using some old photos of some of my favorite moments with @revlatina. The past two years I’ve spent working with and learning from this amazing group has given me more than I can begin to explain. Our Dance-a-Thon is just a couple of days away. Click the link in my bio to read more about why I love them, and donate if you feel so moved. 1/3 of our goal will be going to disaster relief in Puerto Rico and Mexico. No donation is too small, and all are so very appreciated! #365gratefuldays
26/365: Pumpkin season! And not the kind that go in your coffee. #365gratefuldays
25/365: I am currently holed up in South Station til my bus because it is f r e e z i n g, but I am grateful to have taken a day to get somewhere and explore. #365gratefuldays
Mis recuerdos son una estela en el mar
Lo que tengo lo doy,
digo lo que pienso
Tómame como soy.
Y va liviano, mi corazón gitano
Que solo entiende de latir a contramano
No intentes amarrarme, ni dominarme
Yo soy quien elige como equivocarme,
Aprovechame que sí llegué ayer, me puedo ir mañana🎶🎶 #365gratefuldays #song #hechoencasafest #hechoencadafestentel #roller #sebafr1 #happy #sinfiltro #street #urban #city #santiago #instachile #etc #xd
24/365 (because I missed yesterday): Grateful to have access to easy, cheap day off adventures! Tomorrow is my only free day for the foreseeable future, so I’m saying ✌🏻out, NY. #365gratefuldays #wanderlust
23/365: I am officially one month out of Argo, and it’s been awesome! #365gratefuldays
22/365: Very rarely, if ever, will you catch me being grateful for the MTA. That said - it's been a long day with the headache from hell, and a relatively quick and easy ride home is amazing. #365gratefuldays
❓Sabe com que emoções lida diariamente? ❓Sabe que é provável que reprima o que sente? ❓Sabe que pode mudar e aprender a lidar com as Suas emoções? 📩
#emotions #coach #coaching #susanagantunescoach #strategycoachingismypath #strategy #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappychooseyourself #365gratefuldays #livenow #livefully
21/365: My other favorite creative outlet is my kitchen. I went to a very exclusive cooking school called “little bit of this, little bit of that.” No recipes there. #365gratefuldays
21/365 (and 1 of 2 today because I missed one): I love learning. Grateful for technology that allows for as much of that as possible. (I also got a bit overly ambitious and have four other language lessons saved) #365gratefuldays
20/365: Welcome to nowhere...with a B. - Grateful for access to cheap theatre tickets, and SUPER excited to see this tonight! #365gratefuldays
18/365: Grateful for talented friends! 📸 by the fabulous @rebeccaloriphoto #365gratefuldays
17/365: Grateful for views like this, and “open your windows” breezes like the one that seems to be coming in. #365gratefuldays