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I've decided to attempt the #365daychallenge . Here is #day1
The idea is to learn more as you attempt to take a photo everyday. Today I learnt that when attempting this kind of shot, with light streaks, you should keep your ISO as low as possible.

ISO 800
8.0 sec
#canon #canon1300d #1300d #learning #365 #landscape #scenery #nightphotography
Happy Birthday, Callie! Happy that we could celebrate together a little bit last weekend! Cheers to 23 🎉🥂 Also, thanks for being a world class friend who I can talk to about literally anything. Love you! 💙
#365daychallenge #365dayphotochallenge #bestfriend #college #unhalumni #Hello23 #birthdayshoutout
Day 259.
Five years ago I could fit everything I owned into a suitcase. Now I have four wooden spoons, two garlic crushers and *literally* four cupboards filled with mugs. I have recently watched a documentary on minimalism and from what I can understand, I'm not quite doing it right.
197/365 В этом году у Анабель все серьезно, Кентервильское приведения👻 ставят👍. Читки сценария, постановка танца, все по-взрослому😁. Будь ее воля из @teatr_maximum, она бы вообще не уходила😊. Мне так нравится, что она занимается в настоящем театре, все-таки там царит особая атмосфера👏. #мои_365_особенных_дней
Все в книжке #kalinomalina_advent идет к вечеринке, к которой 31 декабря семья будет в полной боевой готовности. С масками, музыкальными инструментами, красивой елкой, с добрыми словами, с песнями, плясками, стихами собственного сочинения,с угощениями, и даже с небольшой зоной для фотографирования🎄 окна будут заставлены снежными городами и животными(героями книжки). Как все это успеть? Постепенно, один день-один маленький шажок)
Any more ideas to add on?

#Repost @time4fitness17 (@get_repost)
#day7 #365daychallenge has me making plans for things to do before I hit the big 30! Still got a few more challenges to come up with but a good start I think! All this and I had a PT session!
Thanks to @adam.asc and @smilesthatlift for your help with challenges! If you think of more just let me know!
Light the happiness photo contest by @theuncommonbox

Potters create diyas to light up your home with happiness during Diwali but they also care that diya shouldn't blow away due to wind so they create extra protection cover with various creative holes designed to let the air in 💟
In frame : DIYA + COVER

Shot on : MOTO X PLAY .

#DIWALI17WITHTUB #theuncommonbox #zoominmoments
#day10 #365daychallenge
Well what a nice surprise that was this morning! That’s -1.3kg!!! Not bad for 10days, that’s all good as well as I have only really done about 3 training sessions as I have been feeling a little crap! So happy! #happy #excited #weightismoving #isgoing #asccoaching
#day8 #day9 #365daychallenge well if that was the weekend we’ve had it!
Didn’t get up to much other than walk the dog, do some chores and generally hang out with family! Was Lovely though!
#chilled #weekend #dogwalk #quiet #happy
Можно уже начинать согреваться 🍊🍯🐝
#kalinomalina_art #kalinomalina_advent

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