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Day 2: Baked NZ Perch + Salad
Feeling pretty good today. Already less bloating and my tummy is a bit flatter 🙌
Will post before after pics at the end of the Challenge! 🙈🙊
When your favourite exercise rewards you with awesome t-shirts! 💪🏼💃🏼👚#danceparty #35daychallenge
💜💜Happy Friday World! 💜💜
As most of you who know me, my days are pretty full on!
Entrepreneur/Online Nutrition Business/Traditional Biz! 💪👩🏻‍💼 .
So a massive thanks to @ericafitspiration at @elitelashesbyerica for fitting me in yesterday! 🙏
Love my lashes and thanks for the chat too! ☺️
Today Is the last day to register for the 35-Day Challenge. Over on FB you can read about the experience of Suzy, Raelynn, and Jorge in our last 35-Day Challenge. #theplacentiahub #oldtownplacentia #35daychallenge
Another client killing it in her 35 day challenge, smile on Maree's face says it all! 😆 ------------- "I've always been active and worked out numerous time a week but the weight wasn't shifting so I started this challenge as a kick start from my winter slump.
With the nutrition and exercise plan that Josh designed, the weight started dropping pretty quickly and consistently. I soon realised that I wasnt eating the correct foods to complete my training - AT ALL.
The program had a variety of workouts that we had to complete. This type of exercise was new to me,
so I wasn't bored, I was always looking forward to my next session, I was able to stay on track and keep focused.
I lost a total of 4kgs in a short 35 days. I learnt so much about nutrition which will continue to benefit me. 💪🏼🙌🏼✌🏼"
#gym #fitness #joshgrayfitness #35daychallenge #summer #cleaneating #fitfam
Such a fulfilling career being able to help people become happier and more comfortable within their own skin 😊

@daniellebye doing an amazing job! "After Josh's 35 day fitness challenge I lost a total of 7 kilos. Within the first week I could feel my fitness levels, my knowledge of different exercise and nutrition rising! In the beginning it was hard but determination keeps you on track. I think one of the best parts was not only the dramatic change I saw in my body, but the easy and simple lifestyle and mind set change I had to continue the healthier life on a day to day basis." ONLY 35 DAYS?! Crazy right?
Our 35 Day Challenge is on ... and class is packed! .
For us, there really is nothing better than the energy a full class brings!
Welcome to our new customers in class this morning ... we hope you feel at home 😊
Who's feeling it already?
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Beautiful sunny morning in YYC. Friday morning yin yang with Curran @Yoga Santosha. So grateful for this community ❤️❤️❤️#yogasantosha #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #sunsalutation #namaste #yinyang #35daychallenge #happy #smiles😊 #moveyourbody #savasana

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