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Had the most delicious meal at Luna’s Living Kitchen yesterday! This Raw vegan Taco Salad was absolute perfection...and completely plant based, cruelty free, and raw. Along with the vegan soup, vegan BLT, vegan burrito, and raw pumpkin pie we added to our feast ☝🏽 Thank you, @living_kitchen! You guys rock! 🌱
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First time making bbq seitan ribs 👌
Our little Plant-Powered, vegan pup sporting his new “V-Dog” bandana 🌱🐾 Thanks @vdogfood for the fantastic, cruelty-free food. This little old man loves it...he can’t get enough. .
Interesting story—we recently rescued this little old man. He was at the shelter, approximately 9 Years old. He was clearly neglected and had what they thought to be a tumor attached to the bone under his bottom jaw. We took him in, cleaned him up, and began feeding him a completely vegan (and nutritious) diet. Within about a month, the size of the tumor started shrinking. And now, here we are, 3 months later and it’s completely gone. Nowhere to be seen. It’s amazing to witness the healing power of a healthy, plant based diet first hand. This little guy can attest to that! And so can I ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽
Thanks @vdogfood for making that possible. .
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Raw vegan banana “NICE”cream for dinner 🍌🌱☝🏽 .
6 frozen spotty bananas thrown into the food processor with a tiny bit of water. Blend until ice cream consistency. Serve and enjoy! I topped this one with some pure organic maple syrup and it tastes like caramel! Yum👌🏽
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Omg! 😭 @daiyafoods cutting board collection mozzarella takes me baaaaack!!! 🍝 Being vegan is so easy and delicious these days. There’s no excuse not to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle! Did I mention this is gluten-free too? 😋
guess this (vegetable? Root? ) I honestly don't know what I would classify this as ... however, it looks like something out of Pans Labyrinth. #yuck
Can never go wrong with a green smoothie: kale, celery, spinach, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, lemon peel, coconut water and frozen bananas.
No one on earth is you. Yes we are all humans and all designed to eat vegan (you simply have no intelligent argument to prove we are carnivores or omnivores and in 2017 it's just ignorant if you are in support of animal cruelty, and eating things that are proven to cause cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes and more) however that being said... there is not one vegan diet for everyone. Try them all! Try eating vegan junk food. Try eating everything in moderation. Try eating a plant based whole foods only diet. Try eating raw till 4. Try eating high fat gourmet raw vegan. Try eating low fat raw vegan. Try eating fruitarian with greens. Try eating fruitarian. Try mono•mealing. Try each one for a few weeks and report back! It's worth it! Tell me which one made you look, feel and be the most amazing version of yourself. The one that gave you the most amazing energy, the best sleep, the clearest most beautiful skin, the most clarity and focus. I know many people that feel the best on raw till 4 and I know many many people that feel their best on fruitarian. I've personally tried them all and I feel my best on fruitarian with greens. And that's how I know what's healthy for my body, for my age, for my current location, etc. In the future who knows maybe I will eat cooked food. Maybe I will enjoy not eating big salads. Live your life doing what makes YOU feel the best. As long as you are not harming other innocent beings I promise you are on the right track (nothing good can come from eating dead animals I promise, definitely not health!) Just please remember vegan junk food will lead to feeling, looking and smelling like junk 😬 A simple rule is to Eat How You Want To Be. If you want to look beautiful, feel fresh, ALIVE, be sweet, juicy and ripe (too far?) then eat that way! We are one of the few species that see colors the way we do and that is because we are designed to pick fruit when it's ripe and colorful. Just a lil food for thought. Now go be kind, generous and awesome and spread that good shit all over this world! 💕💕💕❤💕
#skylinechili wait for the edits on this one!!!! It was amazing
VEGAN ... P I N E A P P L E "fried rice" bowls 🙌🏽🌺😍🔥🌱🍍 Thank you to @asacche for the awesome shot🌴🌴
Pretty lucky to have had vegan ultra running legend @vladixel give our running club a session..
Fresh coconut water 🌴 + berry pancakes with caramel sauce 🍓🥞 from @osucoconuts on Brick Lane 📍 So much passion goes into these with plantbased ingredients and soaked nuts 🌰👌 100% vegan 🌱
Also check out @osulifestyle, profits go to children & adults suffering from illness 🙏 #vegansofldn
📷: @imserenalee 🙋🏻🍴