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901_gtr 11h ago
Some terrible video editing of the track weekend. I hope both my driving and editing abilities improve considerably. 😜
This is when you know you’ve been using the car for what it was built for. The track. 4.7 MPG. 😈
She is a hefty lady and she packs a lot of go. The brakes on these things don’t get near the respect they deserve. They will shove you hard into your seatbelt.
...and he’s hooked. Such a rush. Completely drained after only one day. New found respect for people who are actually good at this.
Oh yeah. Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Putting this thing where it belongs: the track. 🏎💨
Throw back to some GTR gatherings. Crazy to think how much these cars have changed in about a year. Also before @392__hellhound really blew up the IG. 🔥
OK, last ones from the trip to the 🐉. Seriously though, if you haven’t made the trip, do it. Ridiculously fun. Worth the drive.
I couldn’t get enough pictures of these massive reptiles 🐉
Early morning is the best time to to run the Dragon. Less traffic, AND if you start on the NC side and don’t pass any 👮 on your run through the TN side, you know you’re good on your run back to the NC side. 😈
Admiring the Tail of the Dragon views, while others admire the Godzilla views. 🤙
Going to flashback here for a bit to my trip to the Tail of the Dragon. 🐉 If you’ve never driven it. Incredible and the GTR is great for it.
Nothing like a little Launch Control on the back roads. 😈 Had some slippage due to not warming the tires all the way up, but again, whatevs.
Always nice finding pictures other people have taken. No way I could have done something like this on my own. 😜 flashback. 📸@filtered_focus
Captain No Hook. AWD was clawing for anything that it could hold onto. 😡 Whatevs. Onto the next one.
I mean, you can just drive-up and go. Incredible what these cars are capable of. 🚗💨