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User Image sj.kabodicoach Posted: Feb 20, 2018 1:57 PM (UTC)

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I’m a proud coach & friend. Blessed one at that !!! I used to take photos so much of my team and I’ve been lacking but I think I’m going to start again, so it can inspire you all.
My team ladies and men are so inspiring and they train extremely hard.
Honestly kabodi team train hard. it’s not easy but hell its empowering and addictive with a added bonus of laughter and friends.
I’m so blessed to be chosen to coach such amazing people.
Today here’s some snaps of @tom.cornall and @carlsouthan showing us a nice kettle bell complex ! LOVE SEEING THEM COME IN AND JUST DOMINATE!
A different kind of crazy 6’s that the kabodi team are used to! - double kettle bell complex.
Kettle bell swings X 6
Kettle bell cleans X 6
Kettle bell shoulder press X 6
Kettle bell overhead 30m walk

How many rounds boys ? ;) They manage to complete 15 ;) What are you training today ??
User Image Posted: Feb 18, 2018 8:56 PM (UTC)

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Serious message.
I’ve had a lot of interest and messages and I am only looking for business driven people in the hair and beauty industry.
I want to help them add another revenue of income and I want them to be able to transform their clients hair !
Good vibes, Sunday.
Combine the most valuable resources, time and people, to make good moments that last.
Everything else is temporary.
Serious skiing the other day with my brother @bboypay ❄️👯‍♂️⚡️
User Image busbybabesnorge Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:21 PM (UTC)

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Tusen hjertelig takk til Glenn-Erling for dette fantastiske initiativet. Hvem skulle tro at det skulle bli såpass bra. Tusen takk til alle som har bidratt også, dere er helt fantastisk #busbybabesnorgefamily #redarmy #mufc @heispleis #2pl #unitedfamily
User Image sj.kabodicoach Posted: Feb 16, 2018 5:49 PM (UTC)

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🙂After a week of conversations with people. I needed to write this.
Abit lengthy but useful. ‘Be careful how you talk about yourself because you are listening. ‘

Victim to self negative talk ?? Negative self talk kills dreams, ruins the connection you have with yourself & with others. ‘You are what you think’ the saying goes.
You shouldn’t be scared to believe in yourself and you definitely shouldn’t put limits on yourself.
You are a infinite all power all powering human being who has no limits and a force to be reckoned with !

Re-wire the way you think!
You can transform your negativity into positive self talk by becoming strong mentally every day!
Confidence will naturally come with that.

Our thoughts are constant. It can be really intimidating to try and shut them down completely and that’s not something you should do.
Thoughts will always continue to creep back up. You just have to learn to be emotionally detached from your thoughts and letting it pass.
Let a passing negative thought be just that. Passing and just a thought.
Try and detract from emotion let it pass and instantly focus on a better feeling thought.
It takes practice to monitor your negative thoughts & actively replacing them with positive thoughts. It will become second nature .
Negative thought arises? slow everything down and think ‘is this thought objectively truth.’ Usually it isn’t. Think is this thought necessary. Usually it won’t be.
Next part is re- enforcement with a positive thought. So whenever you have any negative thought like ‘I’m not good enough’ stir at yourself in a mirror & say out loud.. ‘I am good enough . I’m all powerful. I’m better than enough. I’m amazing’ ..Start to have a postive conversation in your head.

Learn how to turn the hurtful thoughts saying .. I’m fat , into I want and I’m going to lose 5lb, I know I can do it and I’m going to do it.
I am not smart enough into I am forever learning and I’m so glad that I am willing to work hard for the answers.
It will make you feel better & it will create physical tangible results .

It gets easier every time.
Don’t allow yourself to abuse yourself any more ..Here’s to the weekend people.❤️❤️
User Image konghaugesund Posted: Feb 14, 2018 9:25 PM (UTC)

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14.2.18 CL porto vs Liverpool 0-4. Onkel og nevø koser seg #2PL #liverbirdshaugesund
User Image xplekterx Posted: Feb 14, 2018 5:03 PM (UTC)

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User Image kineraeder Posted: Feb 13, 2018 6:29 PM (UTC)
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Had the best time in Manchester this weekend💙🦈
| это только начало |
User Image leraaamart Posted: Feb 12, 2018 8:49 AM (UTC)
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THE CHALLENGE. @thechallenge.udc
1 place in category adult solo rising 🥇
Choreography: @leraaamart
Music: Motorsport @iamcardib
(в конце видео почему-то начинает спешить 😬 или это только у меня так?🧐👇🏽)
Здесь должен был быть длинный текст, но я скажу только то, что я счастлива. Вчера был непростой день, но главное что все закончилось именно так.
@larrismart @alexandra_in05 спасибо, что были рядом всё время, поддерживали и терпели мои психи🙈 спасибо папе, который чуть не умер от нервов и весь вечер смотрел прямую трансляцию, чтоб не пропустить мое выступление) и спасибо всем за поздравления. Люблю вас невероятно❤️
Вчера сбылась одна моя мечта и это повод поставить себе новые цели.
@thechallenge.udc спасибо за возможность пробовать себя, побеждать и быть частью этой нереальной атмосферы 🔥 это огромный стимул для того чтобы двигаться вперёд.
В общем, верьте в себя, много-много работайте для хороших результатов и #танцуйтеикайфуйте 😜