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I can't believe tomorrow marks 1 year since graduation. Good luck to all of those graduating high school this year. No matter where life takes you, remember to take advantage of every opportunity, stay true to yourself, have fun, and live the life you've always dreamed of. ☺️ #2k16graduation
Happy Father's Day to the best dad anyone can ask for. ❤ Wouldn't have made it as far as I did with out his constructive criticism 😂❤ Love you dad. Happy Father's Day to all father's out there. #2k16graduation #tb #bestdadever
“Jesus replied, 'You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.'”
‭‭-John‬ ‭13:7‬ ‭
Bro, you are my boy since day one. May the lord give you the benediction to have success in everything you want to achieve in life🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿. Also you know I will always be there for you bro👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿. #2k16graduation #brothers #success
Tadinha dela tentou ser modelo mas só tentou mesmo ☹️🍾✨ #2k16graduation
"Life has a very simple plot: first you're here and then you're not." - Eric Idle 🎓
Happy Graduation for us guys
Stay in touch and never forget about the D 😂
Bros for live!