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“Smile like a serial killer if you’re flying to London today!”

NAILED IT. Shout out to @allie_spain who drove us to the airport and to TSA who allowed all our 18 lbs of snacks through and to Norwegian air for having planes. Unfollow now plz if you cant handle seeing pics from euro vacay extravaganza 2017 #snacksonaplane #2girls #2backpacks #2pairsofglasses #8xthesnacks
☝🌸💕🔫💎With this crazy man and dear!😂
Love u👑👒
This is exactly how I feel reaching 34 weeks pregnant and lugging around almost 10lbs of babies!!! It definitely wasn’t easy getting here, but that’s a story for another time, but my little ole body is doing everything it’s supposed to and keeping these kids comfy where they don’t want to come out 😩. I was thinking more like 3 more weeks and I’m done but ummmm my doc doesn’t see it happening!! Crushed my little ole dreams 😂😂. I’m never one to complain abt this journey on social media but ummmmmmm......I just want to -Have a drink -Wear my ring
-Drive without my stomach touching the steering wheel -Where shoes with laces -Feel my fingers -Get out of bed without sound effects -Have my regular nose back -Walk without waddling - Be 20lbs lighter, cause these kids heavy - Not have cankles anymore - Have food I miss so much like Chinese food and chicken wings -Fit clothes other than leggings and big T-shirt’s - Lay on my back -Walk without getting out of breath
I’m sure there’s a lot more, being pregnant is a sacrifice for sure....can’t wait to see my prizes at the end!! At least my maternity leave has started so now I’m patiently waiting for their arrival!! #ComeOnLoLo

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