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8#909#478#27#26 вотсап, вайбер.
*Человеку мечта нужна не меньше , чем воздух . Однако , мечтами не нужно дышать - их нужно претворять в реальность . Маленькими шажками , большими усилиями, преодолевая сотни сложностей . Главное , не останавливаться 😘
# деньги #москва #доходнадому #отдых#краснодар #следуйзамной #селфи #красота #супер #казань #каспийск #махачкала #мейкап #фаберликфорева #чечня # бесплатно#дисконт #мечтысбываются #любовь

#26 басқарушы компаниясының қызметкерлері #Ақтөбе қаласының абаттандыру жұмыстарымен айналасуда. Мысалы, бүгін, #26 БК-ның қызметкерлері күнді қоқыс жинау, урналарды тазалау жұмыстарымен бастады.
Сотрудники управляющей компании #26 заняты благоустройством города #Актобе. Например сегодня, сотрудники УК #26 начали день с уборки мусора, а также очисткой урн.
#Repost @praintpc_official
이준 디지털싱글 '내가 주고 싶은 건'
내일 오후 6시 주요 음원사이트에서 만나보세요. 💕
#이준 #LeeJoon #26 #내가주고싶은건 #comingsoon
Joco Comendador: Footwear + Art specializes in handcrafted made-to-order / custom-made footwear. We employ the best Filipino shoemakers that our country has to offer and envisions to make the Philippines as the go to country for artisan leather footwear in Southeast Asia.

We also want to uplift the mindset of every Filipinos that local footwear goods are not just durable but aesthetically pleasing as well.

We also offer other services such as the ff: • Leather shoes and bags restoration • Shoemaking classes via Builtable Coworking / one-on-one training • Building up your own footwear brand • Manufacturing of simple leathercrafts (bags, belts, accessories)

Our humble workshop is located at the 3rd floor of #26 W.C. Paz St., Brgy. Sta. Elena, Marikina City

We are open from 8 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

We also offer house visit appointments every Sundays (*terms and conditions apply)

Experience Filipino handcrafted footwear today.
Reach us at :

Mobile: 09957238197

Address: 3rd floor, #26 W.C. Paz St., Marikina City

FB page:

Instagram: @jococomendador

Photography | @brianmamawan
Styling | @edrickpaz
Hair | @hairbymyckearcano
Grooming | @janellcapuchino
Model | @alfioschmidt
이준 디지털싱글 '내가 주고 싶은 건'
내일 오후 6시 주요 음원사이트에서 만나보세요. 💕
#이준 #LeeJoon #26 #내가주고싶은건 #comingsoon
Day #26 of #100HappyDaysExperiment #100daysofhappiness #gratitude #migraines #fibromyalgia
Started the morning kickass style after drop off and went swimming at the gym. I got 40 laps in, which isn’t bad for being out of my routine for so long. I’m so proud of myself. Saw what I tried to catch in a photo of the fog breaking over the aurora bridge, from the pool. (Pictured) We live in stunning postcard land.
I did not have a migraine today, and paced myself well enough to make it through the day without having a crash. This is new for me. I spent well over a decade in denial about my condition but now I’m learning how to treat it. My self care is improving, and that’s a real life changer.
I had little realizations today of things I did right and usually do well, and each time it brought me joy. I
Mom and Jim came over to see the new sunroom, garden room, or sun salutations room (I haven’t decided what to call it yet), and it will be another week or so before the flooring goes in, so no pics yet, except for mom’s one of Yoyo (pictured). Everyone in my family is excited I’m taking this time to whip my environment into shape, and finally making this house a home. It’s my favorite thing, too. More joy.
Drove from Queen Anne to Capitol Hill to Ballard in under an hour and made it to Mia’s appointment after her soccer game. That was awesome. *fist pump* Fast food for dinner, which always tastes good, and a meditation time in the massage chair for me to top off a great day.
Para que no te digan esto


Con nosotros logras aprender a controlar tus instintos y te pedirán a ti que pares.

Mañana te esperamos!!! Revisa nuestra web y agenda en tu ciudad:

3162927393 (Cali)
315 7871294 (Medellín)
317 7005760 (Barranquilla)
302 2958970 (Pereira)
3002327593 (Armenia)
3122134256 (Palmira)
Visitanos en: * CALI
Avenida Roosevelt #26-43 * PEREIRA
Carrera 8 #26-80 Apto 301 (frente al SENA)
302 2958970 (Pereira) * MEDELLIN
Calle 49b #77a-28 (sector estadio a 1 cuadra de la avenida colombia)
Lunes a sabado de 11:30 am a 9:30 pm * BARRANQUILLA
(Carrera 27 #74b-77 barrio el silencio)
Lunes a jueves de 11:30 am a 9:30 pm
Viernes y sábado de 12:30 m a 10:30 pm * PALMIRA
Calle 32# 23-48 (sobre el parque lineal) * ARMENIA
Calle 17 norte #13-13 (barrio el nogal)

Recuerda que nos visitas 4 veces y la 5ta es *GRATIS*
Joco Comendador: Floral Leopard Green Death

Slip-on loafers handcrafted from a rare green, leopard print, sheep leather with skull and floral embroidery, constructed on well polished calf leather soles; goodyear welted.

Price: 13,000

For orders reach us at:

Mobile: 09957238197

Address: 3rd floor, #26 W.C. Paz street, Marikina City

Facebook Page:

Instagram: @jococomendador
Наращивание ногтей , дизайн .

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