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First of all I have to thank God for my life he's the reason that I'm on earth. And I have to thank my beautiful mother who raised me up she's one of the strongest woman I know she made mistakes but I still love her to the end!!! For those who know me they know what I've been through and only because of her I'm strong ❤️🙏🏽 FOR EVERYBODY ELSE THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND THE BIRTHDAY WISHES I LOVE YA ALL
Gente obrigado por todas mensagens de carinho, vcs são pHoDa !! To sempre tentando espalhar alegria por aí, desculpa se algum dia magoei alguém, guardo só coisas boas de todos! Sempre que precisarem de uma mão contêm comigo! 🎈💙 #24 #bday
The only man that’s better looking than myself @rileylitman joins us for day #24 of the #25daysofmobility.

Piggy backing on yesterday’s breathing technique, we are using the hard exhale to keep the rib cage down and the core stable while we open up the upper back and neck with these dips.
Key check points (major key alert 🚨):
1) make sure you’re standing far enough away from the wall that it will help your body sink into position but not so far away that your lower back arches excessively
2) Forcefully exhale thru a SMALL space in the mouth until you get all the air out.
3) bring your elbows closer together if you want to challenge your mobility
Let’s do 6 reps today 2x today. You can do it there’s only 1 day left!!!
Te Acostumbras tes tanto a ser sombra que se te olvidó que un día fuistes sol ☀️ 🖤 #24 😍🌸
PLS TAG LELI😭😍 so often you can💘 (repost=tag me)
Today I have so much to celebrate😍
Leli OMG😍 24 mio on musically soooooo amazing😍 I'M SO PROUD💋
They have two wonderful new Merches😍 and one really wonderful bag I want it😍😱 it's so pretty😍
And this was a sooooooo wonderful year with them😍
Maybe I don't meet them but one day I will because dreams come trueeeee💋
Leli gave me so much this year😍they opened a group/my group😱 and wrote "heyy💓" They send two pictures in the group😍 this was a so indescribably feeling😱😩❤ and they send me card wehre they had signed and wrote "für Celine♡" (for Celine ♡) and I really started to cry😩❤
(Wehen you have more time you can read it/but it's not the best English)
My Story how I started to be a Lelinator:
One day I was bored and clicked on the app musically❤ then I saw my first a musically
But when I saw a musically from them I started to laugh or something like this💙 I don't really looked the latest musically I just watched them and this every day💚 then After few weeks I noted that I love them and did just for fun a fp on instgram a few weeks later (18.October)💛 And then I was so in love with them that I was a REAL Lelinator💜💪
And the story will never stop... Tags👇
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@leli.ator @_lelinatore_ @j1mo71byLeli @lelidraw @lisaandlena @j1mo71
Eres la manera que tiene el mundo de decirme que bonita es la vida💑el solo hecho que nos hayamos conocido me hace muy feliz😍, al menos a mi👈. Y estare feliz el tiempo que tenga el placer de tu compañia, asi sean 10 minutos, 2 años o toda la vida junto a ti💑💓💛❤
Mi #24 DCM💏👫😍
By. Tu negro 👫
Had the opportunity to surprise the fam for my birthday. It’s awesome to see how great everyone is doing. Really proud of my younger siblings. I love you all. Back home in the springs feeling better than ever. #BlackMamba #Kobe year #24

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