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On Oct 23rd 2010 Housecoat Project played our Record Release Show at Lennon Studios in SF: "girlFIEND" was recorded in 1989 after a month long National Tour so we were tight but kinda hated each other. Subterranean Records put more money into this 2nd release however when it came time to mix I was the last bitch standing! As such I incorporated my then hubby Bruce Loose (flipper) to do back ground vocals I brought in Gere Finelli on Keys Naomi Ruth on violin. I worked long hours w/engineer & my baby boy slept on studio couch. I worked with Steve Tupper on artwork so this went to test pressing phase when it all died in a mysterious heap SO this Show was way more then a record for me it was a complete & total Rise From the Ashes moment. Subterranean agreed to release it in 2008 if I got a band together to support it. It took TWO years for the whole process of remastering, new artwork, dealing w/Tupper in SF & band while I lived in Nevada City. But I did IT. Tenacious. Starting a band is easy, keeping one together is another story. I kept us in gigs & promoted the record for 2 years when it became abundantly clear that I was the only Hustler in the Room & that's what I bring cuz I have had to. I was & still am HUNGRY aka poverty non profit working artist etc. Also being clean & sober one finds others drug drama, pussy drama a crashing bore & utter drag. Am I glad I did it? You bet! And having a PACKED house on the busiest night of the year 10/23/10 was so fucking awesome + ten friends who drove from Nevada City danced the entire time. Ok enuff jibber jabber scuse me I'm writing a lot these days so to say I am in a loquacious state o mind is an understatement! PS: photo by Chelsea Rose & there's is way more to this story that's typically why I only use small phrases! Enjoy 10/23, y'all know 23 is a magical number!
#housecoatproject #lennonstudios #subterraneanrecords #phoenix #riseup #artislife #liifeisart
When #JohnnyDepp #AngelinaJolie are together in a movie , so it's an exceptional chance to watch a great movie 💟😍👍👍
#TheTourist #2010
Listen to Alive (Demo) by LeonardEugenius #np on #SoundCloud

So I know I said I would #rerelease one track a day buuuuuuut there's 14 songs on my makeshift #album soooo I'm gonna do two a day. So this next one is called Alive. I made it in the beginning of #2010. During this time I was still in the #Navy and living in Mira Mesa. The commute to work was like 30+ minutes, and I was late a bunch. That coupled with some other things had gotten me down. Around that same time I had bought a videocamera and had been recording dumb stuff with my roommates and friends. Watching those little, silly moments of everyday life washed all the depressing stuff away, and just made me happy to be drawing breath. Lo and behold this song I was born.
As (almost) always I did the #music using @propellerheadsw's #Reason and did the #vocals using my #macbookpro and sang into the webcam mic with @apple's #garagebandI think I had just gotten some new #plugins, aside from's #autotune, and threw those in the #mix as well. So take a #listen and let me know what you think.

#newmusic #oldmusic #musicproducer #producer #electronic #electronica #propellerhead #mac #madewithlove #nowplaying #electronicmusic #happy
Sometimes the best growth is within.. mentality & physically wise. Constantly evolving. 🎧💪🏻 #2010 #2017 #SlowProgress #MyLoveForCarbs #Gym #ChubbyWaist
슬퍼해도 이제 모두 소용없단 걸
바람이 불어오고 내 맘이 시려와도
널 다시는 볼 수 없니 oh~

Oh baby 나를 떠나가지마
Oh baby 나는 너 하나뿐야

그대여 돌아와 날 꽉 안아줘
너 없인 견딜 수 없어
정신이 나갔었나봐 그땐

내가 어떻게 너를 떠나가
너만을 사랑해 정말 미안해
눈물만 흘러내려
정신이 나갔었나봐 그땐

내가 어떻게 너를 떠나가
너무나 보고파 니가 보고파
제발 날 용서해줘
정신이 나갔었나봐 .
#LosingMyMind #losingmymind #LeeSeungGi #leeseunggi #이승기 #Ost #Soundtrack #kdrama #MyGirlfriendIsGumiho #mygirlfriendisgumiho #내여자친구는구미호 #ShinMinAh #shinminah #신민아 #MBC #2010 #favoritedrama #favoritesong #koreaselatan #GlobalTv #GTV #17oktober2017 #senin_jumat #15_00

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