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OWWW MY HEART!!! 💕I meant to post this a few days ago. Julien Solomita (one of my favorite people on YouTube) finally has 1 million subscribers! I don't think there are any YouTubers who are more deserving of success than @juliensolomita and @jennamarbles. I had the pleasure of meeting Julien a few years ago at the Irvine Improv and he was SUCH a sweetheart. These two have made me laugh my ass off so many times. Not only are they both extremely talented and driven but they're incredibly humble as well. Congrats Julien!!!! It's been a pleasure to watch you and your otter grow and flourish so much over the last few years. Fuck you Dale!!!! 😍😍😍😍#juliensolomita #1millionbaby #hellyeah #dinkfam
This lady right here has saved my life when it comes to makeup. She is a beautiful person inside and out,and HILARIOUS. Do yourself a favor and go subscribe to her channel on you tube "Jaclyn Hill" and ladies get ready tor be broke bc I promise you, you will want to buy anything and everything this lady speaks of! #hittinggoals #hillsters #1millionbaby @jaclynhill
tornakya 242w ago
Our million peso baby a very big thanks to all who have helped us out in those trying times.. mabuhay kayong lahat!mabuhay! :D and of course..salamat kaau Lord! We love u! Mwah2x tsup2x! Feb2013 #blessings #family #familytime #Godsgift #fruitoflove haha #incubatorlife #1millionbaby #willow #extendedwillowmonth #ofwlife #ofw