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Umm, so this is me :p I know I'm not that pretty xD Why am I posting this? Cause I ran out of 1D photos to post </3 Anyhoo, I'm super bored.. I'll post some pics of the boys now. Kay, bye. -Danni x
#1dmissstyles hi! I'm Taylor! I'm 16 years old. I love all of the boys with all of my heart, but Harry just runs through my veins like a drug. He is my world. I am going to 11th grade this year. I am in theater company at my school, an my dream and goal in life is to be an actress! I am even part of our committee for theater. I would really like to win! I haven't been a fan since x factor and I honestly can't say that these boys have saved my life, because I haven't had hard times like that. But that doesn't make me any less dedicated of a fan. I found out about them from a friend before they were big and I just fell in love. I'm usually not a boy band kind of girl but these boys hit me and I've been in love ever since. These boys have become my life! I eat, sleep, breathe and think one direction and I will never regret it! Falling for these boys has been the best part of my life! I would say that I deserve this but do does every other girl out there! We all love these boys in our own special way! I want to be #1dmissstyles