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MSM trying to CENSOR ME because I’m such a threat!!!! 🕍 OpEn YoUr eyes to tower 7 💊take the red pillllllll. But in all seriousness look up tower 7. It’s a good afternoon’s read. 🏢🏢#1984 #markzuckerberg #cencorship #liberalmedia #conservative #sketch #skateboarding
Absolutely ridiculous. Why are we constantly infantilizing adults? You can't Nerf the world. Handling adversity, opposing viewpoints and confrontational subject matter is a critical life skill we aren't teaching anymore, in the pursuit of some non-existent utopia where no-one ever has their feelings hurt, or is made to feel uncomfortable. And then we wonder why everyone is so fucking sensitive. 🤐 #canada #speechpolice #groupthink #censorship #freespeech #speechcops #thoughtpolice #politicalcorrectness #arcadefire #creaturecomfort #everythingnow #music #rockandroll #rocknroll #1984 #orwell
I can’t find a proper word to express how I am feeling now. The fact is: two of my articles (one personal essay and one fictional story) written about 4 years ago on my personal blog we’re suddenly banned because of the emergence of “illegal information”. Well done, big brother. As we all know, the biggest conference is happening right now, all the national TV channel report it and all children forced to watch it at school. However, what I feel most deeply is the more and more ridiculous control that’s now even devouring literature, the apolitical literature. How can one ever escape? No one. Everyone is accountable, that’s why everyone shall not just endure, but make a sound. Otherwise, we are all fallen leaves silently buried by the ruthless dust. #1984 #totalitarianism #dystopia #literature #bannedliterature #forbbiden #disgustedbyignorance
Dek, coba liat bukune abang-abang koyok lambemu
#wbw oh my heavens. Jeni and I. I don’t know where we said we were going (pretty sure she was in less trouble than I and was driving). We probably said bowling. I made my cute outfit out of pink sheets covered in roses from the 1960’s (my parents!?) and accessorized with TABI slippers from Cost Plus World Market. Jeni is wearing the most prized Paris Skirt from a secondhand shop at Pike Place Market in Seattle. We spent all our money there in the summer of 1984. I have not had as many memorable years in my life- You sometimes only need one picture/ not a whole album or collection. @sparkleneely has the Paris skirt (but I named my daughter Paris) @jeninewkirk i love you forever #sistercousins #fashiondesigner #1984 #161balesdrive

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