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There are times in life when we realize that the way in which we are living is not manageable at all. No matter how many times I've fallen, I've always had support from the ones who mean the most. This go around has been different in so many ways. God has shown His grace when I was undeserving and for that I'm grateful. From being hopeless to hopeful. #18months
Go Nash Go! Time for a helmet and possibly an alternative to his sister's pink scooter. #nashemory #18months #scooter
Playoff mode at the beach yesterday. Eli --our future ball player. #18months #baseballplayoffs #dodgers 💙 #mysonshine #beachday 💙
Suuuuper late but this little guy is officially an 18 month old!!! He is talking so much and is honestly too smart for his own good. I also finally took the plunge and got his first haircut done 😭 I love this little boy to pieces and can't wait to watch him grow even more. My little baby isn't such a baby anymore #LiamNox #pumpkinpatch #lovehim #sohandsome #18months (18 months on 10/04/17)