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They say the Jet's lost a step or two, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some 🎆 @dtisch .
@jimmyleexu huge liability on the field, but a crusher at the plate. Born to play AL Baseball @garbene23
#Summer #SquashThatBug #15DayDL
Sending a maaaajor shoutout to super-utility player @likes_for_lykes, on the 15-day DL (elbow). Hope you don't need Tommy John and we'll try to stay in contention til you get back. Keep yo muhfuuuh head up. #playoffs #mandown #skateboarding #florida #summer #weekend #15daydl #hawtfrawgz
Happy 4th of July! Great time with the fam in the heat. Even got stung by a bee on my middle toe! #4thofjuly2017 #itshot #swollentoe #15daydl
Not exactly how he was expecting to start tournament season. Cast for about 2 weeks before they re-evaluate. #15DayDL
Let's all pour out a little Gatorade for our fallen comrade Boogie. He was injured in a drive-by basketball incident, as an innocent (but clumsy) bystander. #mandown #15dayDL #cantcatchabreak
The hoomans have put me on the 15 day DL..... (nothing serious just a front foot sprain) I guess I can handle just sleeping in front of hot thing until then #15dayDL #iwillsurvive #heathound #isleepbroken
This is interesting, instead of a minimum of 15 days on the DL, it will now be 10. I like this new change.
#15DayDL #10DayDL #CBA #MLB
Our boy Rufus has had better days. His impeccable skills as an MLB shortstop have to take a back seat for a bit. Last night he took a tumble at the park and pinched a nerve in his lower spine. He had some imaging done at the vet and luckily no disc damage, but something neurological. His back feet are dragging when he walks, a major arch in his spine and visible pain. We're hoping for a weekend full of bed rest and not too much grogginess. Sad to see such an active soul on the bench!
#rufusthelab #15dayDL
Welcome back, @dereklaw64! #DerekLaw has been activated from the #15DayDL for a right elbow strain. Could Law be the 9th inning closer we desperately need? #SFGiants #SFGiantsFanForLIFE!
Source: @sfgiants • 09.14.16
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Andrew Benintendi has been reinstated from the 15 day DL! Benintendi will likely get his first start since the injury tomorrow night! Go Sox!!! #gosox #redsox #redsoxnow #redsoxnow16 #andrewbenintendi #15daydl #reinstated #benintendi #redsoxtotheworldseries
#zombiefinger #15dayDL #softball (a ball hopped up on me and I made the mistake of reaching for the ball with my bare hand)
Welcome back, @jakepeavy!
#SFGiants reinstate #JakePeavy from the #15DayDL for a lower back strain. He will be the 14th bullpen reliever. #StayGIANTMyFriends #SFGiantsFanForLIFE!
Source: @sfgiants • No © Intended • 09.07.16

#MacWilliamson @willjm7 has been activated off the #15DayDL for a left shoulder strain
MLB: .245 AVG, 6 HRs, 15 RBIs in 42 games
AAA: .269 AVG, 11 HRs, 42 RBIs in 54 games

#JoshOsich @josich22 been activated off of the #15DayDL for a left forearm strain
MLB: 1-2, 4.25 ERA with 21 Ks through 29.2 IP in 48 games
AAA: 0-0, 1.29 ERA with 8 Ks through 7.0 IP in 7 games
AA: 0-1, 18.00 ERA with 2 Ks through 1.0 IP in 2 games

#KelbyTomlinson @kelbytomlinson has been called up from AAA-Sacramento
MLB: .289 AVG, 3 RBIs in 35 games
AAA: .286 AVG, 20 RBIs in 49 games
A(Adv): .250 AVG, 1 RBI in 2 games

#StevenOkert @steven_okert has been called up from AAA-Sacramento
MLB: 0-0, 6.00 ERA, 6 Ks through 6.0 IP in 7 games
AAA: 4-3, 3.80 ERA, 60 Ks through 47.1 IP in 41 games

#MattReynolds has been called up from AAA-Sacramento
MLB: 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 1 K through 1.0 IP in 2 games
AAA: 1-0, 0.00 ERA, 12 Ks though 13.2 IP in 12 games
AA: 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 7 Ks through 5.0 IP in 8 games

#TyBlach has been called up from AAA-Sacramento
MLB: No experience
AAA: 14-7, 3.43 ERA, 113 Ks in 162.2 IP in 26 starts

#SFGiants #SeptemberCallUps #SFGiantsFanForLIFE!
Source: @SFGiants | No © Intended | 08.31.16
#JakePeavy @jakepeavy has been placed on the #15DayDL for a lower back strain.
#AlbertSuarez has been recalled from the @rivercats #SacramentoRiverCats and will be starting tonight vs. the #AtlantaBraves #SFGiants #SFGiantsFanForLIFE!
Source: @sfgiants | No © Intended | 08.27.16
#GregorBlanco @gregorblanco9 has been placed on the #15DayDL for a right shoulder impingement and will be evaluated to determine whether it is season-ending or not. Blanco expressed this has been bothering him since May and did not want to makes things rough for the outfield (as Pence was on the DL).
#GorkysHernandez @gorkyshernandez's contract has been purchased and he is on the 25 man active roster! He will be given uniform #66. #GorkysYourFriend #SFGiants #SFGiantsFanForLIFE!
Source: @sfgiants | No © Intended | 08.23.16