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User Image caitlynironmaiden Posted: Mar 17, 2018 6:36 PM (UTC)

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#AshleyHornerTransformYou #WTF #Crux @ashley.horner @transformyouchallenge

This is the 7th consecutive challenge I have entered and let me tell you,
this particular challenge was an emotional roller coaster for me! I have
never had so much self doubt in me before. Not self doubt about training or
completing the challenge, but self doubt about not being good enough or
showing enough progress. I really started questioning myself at 8 weeks.
Why was I putting myself through this, again, when other girls and guys are
showing amazing results that I couldn’t compete with? I went as far as to
write a letter to Ashley. It ended up being an emotional purge. I poured it all
out which was something I never do. Apparently I needed it because
halfway through the letter I discovered my purpose, my reason and why
through 6 defeats how I won each and every one of them. It was an
epiphany, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Through these challenges I have
become a dedicated disciplined athlete (Ashlete). I was in essence creating
a habit, something I couldn’t NOT do. Through every obstacle in my life this
past year I continued my training no matter what. It didn’t matter where I
was or what I was doing I managed to train. Any other time in my life I
wouldn’t have bothered. I would have just taken a break (quit). These
challenges have been my saving grace. I have become the athlete I always
dreamed of being. Through the Facebook group I gained courage to enter
my first powerlifting competition. Now, I am officially a competitive athlete!
My plans for this particular challenge were to gain mass so as to be able to
put up bigger numbers on my next meet. At the beginning of the challenge I
was #119 now I am #124! I feel like it was a great success! I was recently
informed by a fellow Ashlete that I inspire so many. It really humbled me.
You don’t realize who you may inspire or who’s life you may change or
even save! Truly, that’s a win for me. To all the girls struggling with self
doubt, we all go through it but if we keep on grinding we shall overcome
and conquer! Thank you so much Ashley and team!
darshff 15m ago
I kept looking at her ... She stop for a while & moved to sonu bhai ..our drummer ..he gave her bottle & she drank it .. "Yr prblm ho gai" I heard d voice "kya hua?" I asked sanam "armaan can't come now ..& its their performance" ..sanam said panicking .."TERI MERI AANKHO NE..." we heard her voice ..she started d song as armaan's entry was in between d song "ab kya?" I asked sanam "tu ja" he said .."TERI MERI AANKHO NE .. MIL K JO KHWAB BUNE .. VO BADE PYARE THE .. TERE MERE PAO CHALE .. MIL K DO PAIRO TALE .. TARI HI TARI THI .. SARI BATEIN MUJHE YAAD HE ... VO CHAND RATE YAD HE.." She stops & sanam pushed me "MUJHE BHI TERE HATHO KI NARMIYA YAAD HE ...VO MASUM PYARI SI BESHARMIYA YAD HE.. YAD HE SB MUJHE YAD HE ..SARI BATIEN MUJHE YAAD HE .." she looked at me with shock & our eyes lock break as we heard d hooting sound "YAD HE TUMKO VOH BARSATE JAB MIL K HM BHIGE THE .. Q ANDAR SE AANCH UTHI JB BAHAR SE HM GILE THE... KAISI THI VOH BEFIKRI .. GUJRI FIR BHI NA GUJRI .. AISI SHAME MUJHE YAD HE .. AISI BATIEN MUJHE YAD HE .."she said with closed eyes .. "KOU JAN K JAN SEHTA GUJARTA NH .. KBHI APNI MRJI SE KOI BICHDTA NH .. YAAD HE SAB MUJHE YAD HE .. SAARI BATEIN MUJHE YAAD HE .." I said looking in her eyes "KANDHE PE SAR RAKH K TERE ..SOI THI ME KITNI DER ..DHUND RHI THI DUNIYA MUJHKO .. KHOI THI ME KITNI DER .. KAISI THI VOH BEFIKRI .. GUJRI FIR BHI NA,GUJRI .. SARI SHAME MUJHE YAAD HE .. SARRII BATIEN MUJHE YAAD HE" she said looking at me "JO HOTON SE NA KEH SAKA ..HARF VOH BHI TOH HE.. JO AANKHO SE NA BEH SAKA DARD .. VOH BHI TOH HE ... YAAD HE SAB MUJHE YAAD HE ..SAARI BATIEN MUJHE YAAD HE" she was looking into my eyes & asking many question & I was unable to reply .. "DARSHITA ..DARSHITA ..DARSHITA" we heard d loud hooting of our names & she looks down & blush ..ab yaha q blush kr rhi he ye ldki ..some day I will kidnap her & make sure no one reach to her ..even though I hate her but no one has any ryt on her .."once more ..once more " crowd said .."is it once more or one more?" She asked looking up "both??" I asked & crowd was going gaga ...
mi_31_ 16m ago
#榊原翼 #124 ➡︎ #61
User Image kovalskaliena Posted: Mar 17, 2018 6:04 PM (UTC)

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Кофта c люверсами (мод #124)
Размер: универсал 42-46
Ткань: в сером и чёрном джерси (мягенький, хорошо тянется) , в персике - трикотаж
Цвета: чёрный, персик, серый
Вырез можно регулировать при помощи шнуровки, отлично смотрится на любом объёме груди.
Точно как на фото!(с5636)
Цена: 280 грн.
User Image bekmurad_diesel Posted: Mar 17, 2018 6:01 PM (UTC)

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С улыбкой вспоминаю споры, когда многие "а-ля знатоки" автоспорта, с пеной во рту и бледными лицами пытались доказывать, что Дизель братан не валит атвичаю👍😎🤣😁 ошибались.
⭕🔧🔩🔨Технологии развиваются быстрее чем мы успеваем изучить ту или иную систему питания дизеля, блоков управления, охлаждения, смазки и в том числе впускную систему с применением Турбин, их количеством, модификаций и самое важное то, как это всё вместе работает.
⭕Добро пожаловать в мир ТурбоДизелей!
И это доработаный, легендарный 3-х литровый рядный 6-ти цилиндровый двигателель "OM 606" на заднем приводе, не менее легендарного автомобиля MERCEDES в 124-м кузове.
🔘"Лошадиные силы продают автомобили, а крутящий момент выигрывает гонки" -эта цитата относится не только к Ferrari, но и к дизелям)))
🔴Не волнуйтесь за 🌍экологию, черный дым- результат настройки системы подачи топлива, для максимального КПД на время соревнований.
#w124 #124 #300td #turbodiesel #diesel #om606 #burnout #turbo #mbclassic #karlbenz #brunosacco #deutschcar #oldschool #classiccar #mercedesbenz #benz #mercedesamg #oldmercedes #amg #brabus #brunosacco #eklasse #mb #mbfanphoto #w124owner
User Image pink_diamond_me Posted: Mar 17, 2018 5:54 PM (UTC)

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Burj Khalifa... this was soo freakin exciting... my dream to come up close and personal with it... #atthetop #burjkhalifa #lift #124 #125 #awesome #dreams #loveit #art #artist #me #love #it #live #loveit #amazing #arabs #doing #it #large
User Image lacasamagicadesarau Posted: Mar 17, 2018 5:11 PM (UTC)

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¿Ya conoces la plancha de cabello Tramiento Repolarizador de @electrobellr ? La favorita de la Casa y con la que conseguimos resultados increíbles. Puedes conseguirla aquí, ¡Contáctanos!

Puedes comunicarte al (1) 2560708 o al (1) 2560705 en Bogotá, o al whatsapp 3127218300.
* ❤
🌎Recuerda que estamos ubicados en la Carrera 7Bis #124-93. Bogotá.🌏 .

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