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User Image releasthehealthyyou Posted: Mar 24, 2018 9:58 PM (UTC)

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For anyone interested in HEALTH AND LONGEVITY, you may want to read the following: 👇👇 "SIRT1 is a protein that is believed to play important roles in longevity and reduction of age-related diseases. Previous studies have shown that when mammals age, SIRT1 decreases, where induction and activation of SIRT1 has been associated with extended lifespan. These studies have triggered the search for SIRT1 activators that may be used as dietary supplements to promote health and longevity." - (ref
In an independent preclinical trial conducted by Brunswick Labs, one of the top research labs in the world, a revolutionary all-in-one supplement called 'NewGen Superfoods Plus' manufactured by certified organic company NewGen Direct, has been proven to stimulate SIRT1 production (Lab certification below). This study was conducted using human cells and is an exciting breakthrough, as this supplement has already been clinically proven by Brunswick Labs to have a remarkable antioxidant profile aimed at the 'Big 5' free radicals (for more info click Message us for more information 💌

#cuttingedge #certifiedorganiccompany #integritymatters #lifechanging #health #longevity #noanimaltesting #veganfriendly #100percentnatural #makingadifference
User Image dayoneskin Posted: Mar 24, 2018 6:18 PM (UTC)
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See you tomorrow in #mauerpark ! Will be super warm 😍! #berlin
User Image thesweetestseeds Posted: Mar 24, 2018 6:20 PM (UTC)

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I don’t like to bash other companies, but this is a question I get often. It’s a good question, too!
What is the difference between Young Living and other essential oils from Amazon or the grocery store?
They all say 100% pure, so why not go with the cheaper option?
Let’s compare Lavender. First of all, pure Lavender IS edible. When an oil (like Lavender, Lemon, and even Thieves that are safe to ingest) warns “not for internal use,” there has to be a reason why.
Another warning you may see on “other” labels: “May irritate skin.” WHAT??? Lavender shouldn’t irritate your skin! A pure Lavender essential oil can be applied neat - no diluting necessary!
Young Living has been recognized as an innovator in EO distillation, using a gentle technique for steam extracting, cold pressing, and resin tapping. Many other oils are extracted using high heat, high pressure, and chemical solvents. In lesser quality oils, the therapeutic qualities have been destroyed, not to mention, they can be extremely toxic 😳
Also, you can SMELL the difference! If you’re ever curious, smell a Young Living oil and then smell the same oil from another company. All I have to say is YUCK!! 🤢
The quality starts with the seeds. If you have a minute, go to YL’s website and check out their Seed to Seal Promise. They own all their own farms, use their own oils in place of chemical pesticides, and the testing is phenomenal. Not only does YL do its own testing to make sure the quality is consistent & standards are met, but the oils are tested in third party facilities too. Talk about accountability!
Keep in mind, there are currently no standards when labeling EOs. Isn’t it ridiculous that ANY bottle can claim to contain 100% Natural & 100% Pure therapeutic grade essential oils!? That’s crazy sauce. Things that make you say hmmm.
User Image Posted: Mar 24, 2018 8:36 PM (UTC)

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Why choose darceys soy wax candles?... ✔soy been wax derived from vegetables
✔100% natural and non toxic
✔soy wax burns 25-50% longer
✔soy burns more cleanly and completely
✔soy wax cleans with hot soapy water
✔no black soot marks or paraffin
If you'd like to know more about the range of scents available across the candle range or any other details please just let me know

#darceys #soycandles #soywaxmelts #luxurysoywaxproducts #handmade #homefragrence #luxury #whychoosedarceys #whysoywax #derivedfromvegetables #100percentnatural #nontoxic #burnslonger #burnscleanly #cleanseasily #paraffinfree
User Image uniqanz Posted: Mar 24, 2018 7:50 PM (UTC)
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#repost 📷@labuscadoradeinternet with 🤖
. #repostbot "Happy with my luffa sponges. The facial scrub pads for facial peeling leave my face free of impurities... All 100% natural. Surprised by not knowing them yet? What do you think about them?" . 🌿 Thanks @labuscadoradeinternet for letting me sharing this. 😊
Just a quick note: the 🌿Iberluffa FACIAL SCRUB PADS are now all made out of luffa (no disc has a cotton side as the one in the photo). The purpose os these facial pads is a gentle facial exfoliation and shouldn't be used for removing makeup. 😉
🛀#iberluffa #abouttoarrivetoNZ #100percentnatural #loofah #stimulatesbloodflow #naturalsponge #naturalexfoliant #preventscellulite #preventstretchmarks #highcucurbitacin #goodduringpregancy #biodegradable #vegan #environmentalyfriendly #beefriendly #sustainablestyle #sustainableliving #kiwiliving #zerowastenz #minimalpackaging #plasticfree #passonplastic #ecobeautynz #econz #green #artisanproduction #galizacalidade #madeinspain
User Image masteringhealth Posted: Mar 24, 2018 6:16 PM (UTC)

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Have you ever used Think Dirty? It’s a free app that helps you navigate the ingredients in your beauty and self care products. It’s a great starting point to assess the products you currently have, while also letting you scan new barcodes and see what you’re adding to your beauty routine. Check out @leighmwinters story about about why knowing what’s in our products can have such a profound impact on our health!
User Image omoiskincare Posted: Mar 24, 2018 4:13 PM (UTC)

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VOTE FOR US! 🙏🏻😊❣️
Link in bio ⬆️ Our All-In-One Balm Fragrance-Free has been nominated for the Allergy Awards 2018 in the category “Best Friendly Product Chosen by Consumers”. Feel free to share and a huge thank for your support! ☺️🙏
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